Report 6/4/18

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Report 6/4/18

Post by subeditor » Fri Apr 06, 2018 1:50 pm

Starting out wide, the shelf has still been giving up a few marlin, including stripes, blacks and blues! The 25 degree water has kept them around, and in a little closer, there's still plenty of blacks moving around on the bait ground, fish traps, wave recorder and the FADs.
A lot of wahoo are still showing up in anglers' catches, and a few Spanish are being taken on the return run up north.
The odd spotty mackerel also gets taken on livebaits and trolled lures. Baits have been to collect, but trolling lures has worked well, so there's really no need to go collecting bait at the moment.
For the bottom bashers, there's still a lot of good pearlies in close, and the snapper and trag, while starting to slow down, are still featuring in anglers' eskies.

Along the beaches, there's a lot of nice size tailor to be caught, and these will only thicken up as the weeks pass.
A few bream and the odd silver trevally will help to pass the time between tailor captures.

On the headlands, jew and tailor have been the main targets, and again, this fishery will only improve in the coming weeks.

In the harbour, there's lot of bream, silver trevally and whiting, and this is a great bread and butter fishery for the kids.

As we head up the rivers, the main targets seem to be flathead, whiting, jacks and bream. There's plenty of options available to both lure and baits anglers, and May is a great time to capitalize on the crossover period between summer and winter.

Up in the fresh, bass should be going strong until No Take period starting on 1 May. To find the bass, start your search a little lower in the system, and you should find them in good numbers.

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