Report 23/8/18

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Report 23/8/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu Aug 23, 2018 4:52 pm

I just had the hottest bite on bream that I have ever had in the Maroochy River. I must admit I rarely fish for them, but on this occasion, I had an hour of quality fishing that fishos can only dream of.

5 days before the August full moon it was a perfect winters day with just a hint of a breeze coming from the north west. I set up at my usual spot for gar at spot Y to fish the run-in tide. After an hour without a downer I shifted further upstream to spot X near Picnic Point. River conditions were perfect with crystal clear water pouring in from a very calm ocean. Up to now I had managed half a dozen bream of legal size but under my keeping size of 28cm,but still no gar. I can only assume that the gar have now finished their winter vacation in the Maroochy and headed back up to Hervey Bay for the summer.

It was looking like a wasted trip, when on impulse, I decided to target a few bream at a spot where I know they congregate in deeper water. There is plenty of structure here in the shape of bold banks mangroves and sunken trees etc. Now I’m not going to tell you exactly where this spot is, but blind Freddy would know this is a good spot for bream.

I anchored up in the shallows, set up the berley bucket and fished back into the deep, fast running, swirling water. By the way…I was the only boat fishing as far as the eye could see in any direction, how good is that? I was using beautiful big live yabbies for bait and the first one to hit the water went off like Nellies night dress. Before I could land that fish, the second rod went off and I was into a double hook up. For the next hour I managed around 20 bream, all legal size but just under my keeping size of 28cm. I only kept 3 fish at 28, 29 and 34cm respectively, enough for a feed for me and the missus.

This is what keeps you coming back …the magic of fishing. It doesn’t matter what species you are chasing, when it all falls into place and you get a hot bite like I experienced, you are hooked for life.

I tell you this quick fishing tale because over the next 4 to 6 days around the August full moon the Maroochy river will be full of big, hungry yellow fin bream. By this time next month, they will be heading off to summer camp…wherever that is.

So, get to it, before they depart. And for more info about anything fishing, contact me on

Good Luck, Mal McKinlay


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