Report 20/6/18

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Report 20/6/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Sep 14, 2018 5:09 pm

There hasn’t been much joy for small boaters but for a couple of days. Those that took the opportunity to get out came back with some mixed reports. The one constant was it was great to get out on the water again after so much strong wind. There has been some beaut Mackerel coming on with the cold change in the weather. Garfish fished on rigged Wogs or off a downrigger have turned up the best results. Obviously as we see more bait fish about the Mackerel will move further up the water column and be receptive to trolled lures and drifted Pilchards. If you are trolling and seeing Mackerel deeper than your lures or baits are running drop the motor out of gear occasionally to let the baits sink and often as soon as you go back into gear the bite comes. Finding bait schools on your sounder and dropping jigs like the Entice down on them will also produce results. The weather has also brought the Reds on the bite and if we can get a break in the winds there will be some excellent catches reported. Again look for bait schools on the sounder and work them over for best results. The Wrecks and rubble patches are turning up some Spotted and School Mackerel and hopefully when the wind eases we will all catch a few. Small jigs fished around the structure or better still on the bait schools will turn up some fish.Remember the clarity of the water at present means that all terminals need to be as light and invisible as practical to still catch the fish before it gets Sharked. Keep your fingers crossed for the winds to drop.


The inshore areas will also produce Spotted and School Mackerel. Kings Point, Fairway Leads, and the inshore Wrecks are all areas where the Mackerel congregate at this time of year. The cooler weather will bring in all the Winter species like Whiting Flathead and bream. With school holidays in a couple of weeks that is a target area for families to target. The mouths of most local rivers that have some sort of sandbar system will work well. Look for any gutters that will have the fish in as the tide rises and falls. A very low tide is a great chance to head to these areas for a look around at the lay of the land for future trips. Peeled prawn is my preferred bait for the Whiting or better still Yabbies if you can find some to pump. Mullet or Garfish fillet for Bream and Flathead. Lightest weight rig you can get away with will give best results.

The best news this year has been the influx of Crabs we have been having. The best season we have had for many years and I put that down to the better rains we have had. The last few years the rainfall has been way down and I think this has ment the crabbing has been quiet as well. The many good reports from many of our customers indicate they are fairly wide spread. There has also been a blitz on people raiding and stealing others pots by the authorities which has seen some fairly substantial fines being handed out. This has been a long time coming and good news for all those doing the right thing. Make sure your pots and floats are correctly marked.

The other performer around the inshore areas has been the Fingermark (Golden Snapper) Live baits and in particular Squid have consistently turned up good catches of this fine table fish recently.


Fresh water has cooled off and the fish have reacted accordingly. The beauty of the fresh water areas will still draw the fishermen in and there will always be fish to be caught it is just a lot quieter during winter. The temp’s west of the great divide have fallen to levels that need to be aware of. Going fishing without correct cold weather gear can not only be uncomfortable but at times bad for your wellbeing. Sooty grunter will be around any rock bars that might absorb some of the suns warmth and transfer to the water. Deep rock bars and open slow moving pools should be the target areas. These should see a slightly higher water temperature more to the fishes comfort. Red Claw and Freshwater Prawns will also move into deeper water so if you are setting Pots get them deeper than usual. Enjoy the camping and fishing in this beautiful environment and don’t be disappointed if the fishing isn’t that productive.


With the water level coming up to lap over the spillway the dam is at its fullest for years. This has spread the fish out over a larger area and added to the challenge of catching them. This added to the colder weather will put the Barramundi off the bite for a short time but they do have to eat so if you can brave the cold it is still worth the effort. With the recent stocking of Red Claw along with the rise in water levels I am hoping people will leave them to breed up again to levels of past years where there were plenty for everybody to catch a feed. If you are up there for the school holidays and the kids catch a few think of the future and put them back to build up stocks for the future. Tilapia are a different story and the more of them you take out the better it will be for the dam. They are a pest that severely effects the other native species and if we could eradicate them the whole system would be infinitely better. Don’t forget your permit and ensure your safety gear is up to date it is after all your family and friends whose lives it may save.

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