Report 21/9/18

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Report 21/9/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Tue Oct 02, 2018 9:50 am

Creeks, Rivers & Beaches
From all reports the grunter catches have continued to come in with quality fish being caught around the mouths of most of the creeks running into Bowling Green Bay. It looks like the Barra are also starting to play the game with good fish willing to take both lures and live baits alike. Paddle tail soft plastics and vibe style lures have been producing the goods lately while the humble mullet is the go to live bait as things start to warm up. Make sure you check out the new Castaic soft plastics in stock these have been proven big fish catcher of late as we approach the close season. Now’s the time to use these big action lures as the barra become more active.

Bay and Inshore
Still a few fingermark lurking around the shipping channel recently taking a variety of presentations, like soft vibes and the chasebait ultimate squid. The headlands and foreshore areas on the building tides will be the place look for a run of barramundi and grunter. Good shallow divers such as the Jackson Artist or Athlete should throw a lot of flash and work well in these areas.

The winds are likely to put an end to any offshore trips this weekend.

There has been plenty of activity underwater recently with the tides and weather providing good enough conditions to venture far and wide. Local Townsville divers have stretched their lungs out wide over the past fortnight and were not let down with solid catches of Wahoo and Dog Tooth Tuna being shot.

Likewise those that spent time underwater in and around Cleveland and Halifax Bays have all had great results with good numbers of big barra being taken with the odd fingermark frequenting the eskys.

As the waters warm up so do the inherit dangers of jellyfish. Box Jellyfish have turned up in cast nets in and around the Hinchinbrook Channel. So just remember if you are diving in coastal waters to be aware of this.

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