Report 28/9/18

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Report 28/9/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu Oct 04, 2018 4:56 pm

Salmon kingfish and bonito are on the rampage up and down our coastline chasing the very large amount of baitfish that is available at the moment.

Inside the harbour there have been some great reports of these pelagic species being caught all through the harbour and as far as the harbour bridge.

While the fish are feeding on varying sizes of baitfish it is a good idea to have a good mix of lures in different sizes as they will switch from one day feeding on very small white and the next it will be something bigger.

Trolling lures and casting metals and small stick baits seem to be the way to go at the minute for most anglers to pick up a feed.

As always look for the birds sitting on the water or working bait schools as they know where the fish are.

Around north harbour the bream and the flathead are becoming a bit more active with some anglers picking up a feed while using a mix of soft plastics and some hard bodied lures.

For most of our anglers fishing from the rocks and headlands there has been a good mix of species being taken some have picked up a few nice snapper fishing in a good berley trail while others are chasing the salmon and kingfish with stick baits and metal slugs.

There is also some that are still chasing the luderick on weed and drummer on peeled prawns and getting a few fish.

Targeting the pelagics seems to be an early morning thing to get the best results on s rising tide before the sun comes up.

Beach fishing is slowly getting better with a few anglers picking up good a feed of bream whiting and flathead using beach worms while others are targeting the tailor and salmon later on just before dark with pilchards on gang hooks.

Best of the beaches would be Narrabeen and Collaroy as they are a bit deeper than some of the other ones.

For those looking for some fish offshore there is news that the fads are to be put out over the next few weeks and hopefully with a bit of a warm current we should see a bit of game fish in our waters very soon.

Paul O Hagan

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