Report 10/5/19

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Report 10/5/19

Post by subeditor » Fri May 10, 2019 2:44 pm

As we come out of what one would describe as a very indifferent wet season we are starting to grapple with what may lay ahead in the coming month. Precipitation to a lesser degree and a quite a few windy days have thrown in a curious prognosis.

What we can say is that the outer Great Barrier Reef has come off the best reef fishing period for a wet season. The water temperatures stayed well below what was to be expected and the future market indicates it will only get better. The vessels we at Fishing Port Douglas have continued to come back with unprecedented catches of all our trophy species which have included the A List of coral trout, sea perch or nannygai as we locally call them, emperor species including the prized ‘red’ and a host of other highly valued species. These bonuses which are high impact fish have included cobia, a mix of mackerel species including the Spanish and an array of hard hitting trevally species inclusive of gold spot, tea-leaf and the gut wrenching giant trevally. Going through our log books in recent times we have not had a subpar day on the reef in a very long time. Basically if the weather permitted the fish were committed. This is a great case moving forward as the reef fishing only gets better for the next several months ahead.

When you look at our currents which have been a bit of a mixture over a couple of months running from north or south depending on your location, this will now all settle. The best indicator is our inshore reefs which have the current running from the south. This will now be the cutting edge across the board moving forward. Predictable trade winds from the south east and a southerly current makes pulling up on fish a massive difference. Our inshore reefs, patches and wonky holes are now seeing a steady flow of mackerel species, the bar cheek trout are extremely active and our ever present breeding grounds for nannygai are nonstop peppering away. Add to this our wonderful array of trevally the sportfishing aspect has been very active. Moving forward the wind level will be the only deterrent to experiencing some great times inshore, especially for the small boat brigade which engages many a local punter.

If the calm waters of our estuaries and creeks are your calling it has been quite entertaining to be honest. Mud crabs are on the go if you have the inclining to put in the work and an absolute delicacy. Mangrove jack and fingermark have been our marquee species on the rod and reel with the odd barra been registered. It is without doubt if you want quality calm water fishing live bait is key and these been a heap around due to a decent wet season. Outside of this we are seeing more pelagic type fish such as mid sized GTs, barracuda and the occasional stonker queenfish. Bread and butter species such as some solid bream, grunter and classic dusky flathead have all contributed well.

There’s never a dull moment in the tropics and we are so lucky to experience it on a daily basis.
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