Weekly Report 13 Sep 07

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Weekly Report 13 Sep 07

Post by Brad » Thu Sep 13, 2007 1:13 pm

Well the temperature is starting to warm up and sois the fishing. There have been reports this week of both Long Tail and Mack Tuna being taken off the pier on live herring. These fish will not only test the angler but also their tackle so make sure your knots and rigs are up to the challenge. There have also been reports of flathead being taken on strip and live baits, just remember the legal size limits min 40cm max 70cm. School mackerel have also been caught from the FairwayBuoy and the Outer Banks. Anywhere past the dirty water line should produce fish. One method is to drop a metal spoon like the Gladiator Mack Special to the bottom and crank it up to the surface or live Herring will always account for them.

Summer Whiting have beencaught along Shelly Beach and in the first channel of the Urangan Pier. Thebest baits are live yabbies or sandworms. Remember to fish with the lightest sinker possible so that the presentation of the bait is kept natural. At Gatakers Bay there are still afew Bream being caught on both chicken gut and soft plastics. Berkley 3 inch powerbaits work a treat fished on light heads. With some rod tip action and afew pauses theses plastics impart the action of a dying bait fish or a fleeing prawn.

Freshwater Report.
After all the rain we’ve had LenthallsDam has been firing. The dam is now up to nearly 100% of the old water levelso a few more showers should fill it up. Barra have been taken off thebank on poppers and fizzers as well as casting unweighted or lightly weighted soft plastics and slow rolling them back. Bass have been caught on River 2 Sea Jiggly Cicadas. These surface plastics come with weedless hooks and can be cast right up into the lily pads and slowly paddled back. Another lure worth trying is the suspending C’ultiva Mirashad, these account for many
bass over the season. Barra have also been caught at Monduran Dam this week. The lure of choice has been the C’ultiva Rip’N Minnowwhich is a 112mm suspending lure. Slowly worked with a few twitches and pauses this is a deadly lure. Remember to watch out for the underwater logs located throughout the dam as the dam level is well down.

Rainbow Beach
After the last moon the current has been roaring leaving alot of reefs unfishable, however if you could find a spot with little current it produced the goods. Snapper and Squire are in good numbers, most of thefish averaging a few kilos with the odd fish up to 7 kilos. The best method is to float a whole pillie or a mullet strip down a berley trail using a baitrunner reel. Pearl pearch around 3kg have been landed as well as a few Parrotand Moses Perch. There have been plenty of cobia caught recently, these area great fighting fish and are good eating if bled and put into an icey brine straight away.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast .
Hi all, another week of dirty water from last week's rains but the fish are biting and with these north winds over the last few days and 10-15 knot north/ north west forecast for the weekend the water temperatures should rise two degrees at least which should make for some active fish. I had the pleasure of fishing with tasmanian guide and flycasting champion Peter Hayes and his son Lachlan this week and although the water was brown and cold we caught some nice flathead on fly and soft plastics, the trick in the dirty water is to slow down and thoroughly work every inch of a likley spot even twice over.

Some nice longtail tuna have made a brief appearance in the channel between big woody and pelican bank and over the next month will be the best time to chase a few on spin and fly. These tuna are feeding on small anchovies around 20-40 mm long and will shy off from a lure or fly any bigger. Snapper are being caught in Platypus bay with some fish around 7kg and various trevally around the one mile off wathumba creek. Big summer whiting love the dirty water and the many bigger fish way up the creeks and rivers have been flushed out from the fresh, try fishing the nearby flats and beaches near any creek or river mouth with live yabbies.

Some interesting captures have been made with a couple of permit (snub nosed dart) around 6kg each taken from the urangan pier on chrome spoons last month, look in the latest south east qld fishing monthly for the story. The southern gutters has been fishing well at night with big scarlet sea perch, cod, snapper and some big sweetlip taken and off Double Island point the pinnacles area is firing also, the water is dirty from the run off and the fish are active.
Tight lines.
If you would like to book a trip with Bargy just give him a ring on 0427 230 261 or visit www.fraserguidedfishing.com.au

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