Weekly Report 20 Apr 09

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Weekly Report 20 Apr 09

Post by Brad » Mon Apr 20, 2009 8:36 am

Fraser Island Fishing report courtesy of Sailfish Apartments, Happy Valley: Ph (07) 4127 9494
Leone reports that due to strong winds and rough seas recently, very few people have had the chance to fish the eastern beach. However, good quality bream are being caught around the Maheno shipwreck and the exposed rocks at McLaughlan Rocks. The winds and seas lately have formed some excellent new gutters, and some cases exposing old coffee rock that should fish well. Plenty of pippies and beach worms can be found along the beach. A few whiting and dart can be expected in the better low tide gutters, as well as the odd flathead.
Hervey Bay
At the moment the pier has been fishing well for flathead in the first channel using live herring and pike. There have also been a few reports of golden trevally taken on live baits, soft plastics and metal spoons. It’s also worth packing a squid jig this time of year as there are a few local squid around the pier. Bream should start to move in soon and should be found close to the pylons and will be a good target on whole small herring as well as strip baits and mullet gut. A reminder; that the last 220m of the pier is closed due to refurbishments.

There haven’t been too many reports this week of whiting along the beaches however anglers are still catching a few flathead. Concentrate on areas that have patches of weed/rocks, drop off’s and congregations of bait as flathead will often be found sitting on the edge waiting for a feed. Live herring and pike make excellent baits as well as whole white pilchards. Soft plastics are another productive method with a variety of lures working, including Squidgies, Berkley Powerbaits and Bozos. A few winter whiting have also started to show up with numbers continuing to improve as the water cools. Fresh baits of yabbies, prawn tail and squid will be your best options, with a small length of red tube above the hook improving your results. Don’t forget about the new bag limit of winter whiting which is 50 in possession.

For those that have managed to venture to the shallow reefs like The Arti, Channel Hole, or Gatakers, the usual species are being caught relative to this time of year, including; painted sweetlip, grass sweetlip, cod, the odd trout and some small snapper. Fresh bait has been the key with good numbers of herring and pike on the various bait grounds throughout the bay. Soft plastics like Gulp jerkshads and Squidgy flickbaits are another option and imitate and injured baitfish excellently. Good reports of golden trevally, broad barred and school mackerel being spun up around the beacons and shallow reefs using metal spoons. A high speed spinning reel spooled with 20-30lb line should suffice, using a heavier leader of around 60-80lb to reduce bite off’s. Avoid using wire leaders as they will spook fish.

Local squid can be found around shallow rocky outcrops this time of year in good numbers as well as the odd one at the pier. When searching for squid look for areas that have clear water and hold good numbers of baitfish. Larger squid jigs can be employed when targeting localies with jigs in the 2.5-3 size proving successful. Some of the most productive jigs have been from the Yamashita and Yoshikawa stables and come in a variety of colours. Roonies is still producing catches of coral trout, snapper, scarlets and mixed bags of mackerel and trevally. Live baits have been working best with pike, yakkas and herring being the baits of choice. Dead baits like butterflied yakkas, whole pillies and squid have also been working. Don’t forget to pack a metal spoon or two as mackerel and trevally can’t resist them when dropped to the bottom and cranked back. Over the next few weeks we anticipate the snapper to start moving in, in bigger numbers and will be an excellent target on soft plastics like Berkley gulps.

The Southern Gutters has continued to fish well with good catches of coral trout, school sized red emperor, big snapper, grass sweetlip, cod and large numbers of trevally. Again live baits have been the best baits as well as butterflied yakkas. Large soft plastics like 7 inch Berkley gulps and jigs like the Shimano Lucanus jig have also seen good results when slow hopped along the bottom.

Rainbow Beach Report courtesy Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters - http://www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au Ph: 07 54868666
No Report.

Freshwater Report-Lenthall’s Dam
No fishing reports as such but please be aware that the dam is at 100% and rising so please use caution when around the Lenthall's area.

Monduran Courtesy of Rob at Lake Monduran Holiday Park Ph 1800 228 754
The water level at Monduran has dropped about one metre over the past two weeks, to enable environmental flows into the Kolan River system. Water temperatures are currently averaging 25 degrees in most areas, with pockets of water up to 27 degrees to be found out of the wind.

Rob reports good barra being caught on slow-rolled plastics (slick rigs/hollowbellies) over various shallow points in the larger bays in the lower-mid reaches of the dam. Whilst increasingly popular nowadays, the shallow points in the southern arm of “B Bay” and the weed beds in the northern arm have been the most consistent producers. Casting hard-bodied lures in the flooded timber sections has improved recently, with the occasional barra being taken on slowly-retrieved / twitched lures that dive to 2-3 metres. Reports of bass being caught in the dam are virtually non-existent. Rob says he only heard of one bass being caught over the Easter break.

Awoonga Courtesy Johnny Mitchell of Lake Awoonga Guided Barra Fishing Charters http://www.fishawoonga.com.au
John says the water level in Awoonga has recently dropped about half a metre following the two and a half metre rise it experienced a couple of months ago. Water temperature is averaging about 25 degrees. Strong southeast winds and long periods of cloud cover recently have made fishing more difficult than usual. He has been able to find good numbers of barra in shallow weeded areas, where only surface presentations offer any chance at a fish. John has been frustrated a couple of times, watching up to 20 fish feed over an hour, yet refuse every offering he has made. At other times in the same areas, fish sitting basically motionless may take a lure that travels overhead.

Very few fish have been caught by visiting anglers, with the majority leaving the lake fishless of late. The sun has again appeared from the clouds and the winds eased, so chances are fishing will improve after a tough Easter. Interestingly, John said that a further 52,000 mangrove jack have been released into the lake over the past 3 months. This release compliments the original stocking of 13,800 some years ago. Returns of jack from the lake have been poor, with about five fish confirmed each year. Best jacks are now around the 70cm mark, but thick-set bruisers.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast.
No Report.

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