Weekly Report 11 Jan 12

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Weekly Report 11 Jan 12

Post by Brad » Thu Jan 12, 2012 3:18 pm

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With the calmer conditions in recent weeks the inshore fishing has improved with reports of some nice queenfish and salmon caught along Pallarenda/Shelly’s Beach on lures and live baits with gar a particular favourite of the queenfish this time of year. The lakes continue to fish quite good early mornings with mangrove jacks and tarpon the major target species at the moment. On the Northern Beaches Toomula around the rocky outcrops seems to be the pick of the spots with some nice jacks coming from the area on live baits and small minnow lures.

Once again mangrove jacks seem to be the fish targeted at the moment with good reports on fish being caught around the changes in the tides on both baits and lures. When chasing jacks in particular I like using a lures around the 80mm mark and the depth it dives to is totally dependent on the area being fished. I always try to use a reddish colours lure as it can often draw a strike from a jack out of aggression not hunger. The reports continue to come in on the crabbing front with some very nice crabs being caught from most of the creeks running into Bowling Green Bay. There has also been some nice fingermark caught recently with live greenback herring the go to bait when targeting these fish in most of the creeks and rivers around Townsville.

This time of year is always a great time to chase fingermark in the bay and around the rocky headlands around Cape Cleveland and Cape Upstart and so far it has not disappointed with plenty of reports of good fish being caught during night sessions on live squid or herring. If you prefer chasing them during the day light hours then jigging soft plastics or trolling deep diving lures has also been accounting for some nice catches. One tip I can give you when fishing plastics and in particular trolling lures try using a relatively soft tipped rod. You can often pull the hooks on fingermark quite easy so a good shock absorbing rod tip will help reduce this. The calmer conditions has definitely seen an increase in the number of boats hitting the water and as a result the catches have also improved with plenty of reports of coral trout, red throat emperor during the day and some good reports of reds by night. Cuttlefish heads have been working wonders on the bigger red emperor and large mouth nannygai while the humble pilchard seems to be the pick when it comes to coral trout. Another very welcome species has been the mackerel and despite the time of year there has been quite a good run of mackerel reported with both gar and wolf herring working
best closely followed by the very popular red/ black stripe Halco laser pro, Yo-zuri Hydro-Mag, Xrap and my favourite the Bolt Mystique range.

It is likely we will see an increase in winds sometime over the weekend therefore Saturday morning looks your best option for chasing a few fingermark on soft plastics or trolling a few lures around the shallow reefs in both Halifax and Cleveland Bay.

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