Report 15/3/18

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Report 15/3/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Mar 16, 2018 12:49 pm

The fishing around the Merimbula region continues to be consistent with most anglers getting amongst a few.

The estuaries have definitely been the pick though and are firing up nicely with the approaching NEW moon so all looks good for the coming week. The Bega River just north of Tathra is fishing extremely well upstream of Thompsons wall. There’s been plenty of bream and whiting on the flats with anglers fishing smaller prawn soft plastic imitations and surface walkers faring best. I’ve heard reports of some fishos getting 15-20 fish in a session which is exceptional in anyone’s books. You should be able to get some solid flatties from these same banks with fish to 70cm possible. The best time to fish these areas is on the flooding tide with wind present to give the fish some cover. They will spook here in calm sunny conditions so if
fishing surface the windier the better should see some better results for you.

The deeper water off Thompsons wall heading back to the entrance has seen a few mulloway caught and the odd croc sized flattie over 85cm. Anglers fishing bigger soft plastics and live mullet seem to be getting the desired results. Back in Merimbula the main channel from the main bridge downstream to the entrance has been excellent for bream and trevally. Plenty of anglers are getting 6-8 bream in a session as these yellowfin bream are heading out to see to spawn along the beaches and headlands before returning to the estuary. This solid action will continue to May at least with bait anglers using striped tuna cubes with a little burley having great success.

Further upstream the top lake is loaded with whitebait and anchovies at the minute and the fish are having a feast. You can expect greenback tailor,
trevally, legal snapper, bream and a few good flatties to. It will be interesting to see how the anglers fare with this weekend’s Dusky dash for cash competition on; hopefully they catch and release plenty of flathead.

Offshore the marlin action is still pretty good though the action north of us up at Bermagui seems to be red hot. I do know of a few local crews out of Merimbula who have done OK to though with one boat going 3-3-3 which is still excellent marlin fishing. This action should only continue and get better and don’t be surprised to see a few bigger yellowfin tuna over coming weeks. There have been acres of slimy mackerel from the 70-fathom line and tuna love them. What we have seen is an increase in dolphin fish with plenty to a meter long not far from the FAD. This device is pretty easy to be found with the right GPS co-ordinates.

Closer to shore the snapper action has slowed up a bit if fishing deeper water, the guys that have done OK are fishing shallower reef sections with lightly weighted baits and lighter line. This type of angling isn’t for everyone but if it produces consistently then it might just be worth a look. The flatties are still pretty good though deeper this week with water from 45-50 meters seeming best. There has been a lot of leatherjackets about
which can be frustrating but if this happens then a decent move is needed.

The beach fishing brigade have had a tough week with little swell to speak off but there’s still the odd salmon and tailor getting about on
North Tura beach. Casting small metal shiners to 30 gram seems to be the best with light outfits with the salmon getting caught on the
smaller side with kilo fish being the norm. What has picked up is the bream getting about. Both North Tura and Merimbula main have both been
OK, not red hot but acceptable fishing. The key has been to fish light with beach worms and pipi the preferred baits to use.

This week the prawns are in full swing the NEW moon (or DARK) upon us, prawns will run during this period so getting a few kilos shouldn’t be
too hard with both Wallagoot Lake, Bega River and the entrance to both Merimbula and Pambula Lakes the better ones to try. Apart from
Wallagoot you want to prawn on the draining or run-out tide for best results.

Those fishing the rocks have been happy with blackfish and drummer taking both cabbage and cunjevoi as bait. Short Point and the southern
ledge at Tura head is the place to fish. I’d use a little burley to, not to much or the pickers will annoy the hell out of you. If after
the pelagics it’s been a little slow, there have been sporadic schools off all the major headlands but they have been hard to entice. That
should change once that water warms a little more in close after it got quite a lot cooler earlier in the week.

Tight lines till next week.

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