Report 26/4/18

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Report 26/4/18

Post by subeditor » Thu Apr 26, 2018 1:38 pm

Hi everyone it looks like there will be a consistent 15 knots blowing this weekend. Early mornings may be worth a look in terms of sneaking out into the Bay however at this stage it looks like the creeks and rivers could be the best option this weekend.

Creeks & Rivers
The daytime tides this weekend will have very little run however if you are looks to wet a line and don’t fancy being up the creek at night on the better tides the best time during the day to wet a line this weekend should be in the last few hours of daylight on both the Saturday and Sunday just before the low. The mangrove jacks have been around in good numbers lately and from all reports small live herring or poddy mullet seem to be the best options. If you can’t get your hands on some lives the next best option is a some well- presented dead herring bait which can also work well cast right into the snags. With little or no run try to us as little weight as possible and you should be rewarded with a few nice Mangrove Jacks.
For those looking to flick a few plastics and lure around the prawn style soft plastics like the Zerek shrimp and small minnow diving lure such as the Jackson Divitis have been working well on these fish lately with the Haughton and Barratta systems the pick of the systems for these fish in recent days.
Tom was very excited to get this nice Trevally aboard for a quick photo after a hard fight while fishing around Cape Cleveland.
TownsTrev26418.jpg (12.4 KiB) Viewed 3721 times
Sherriff had a ball fishing the Haughton River recently landing this nice Jack.
TownsJack26418_2.jpeg (31.2 KiB) Viewed 3721 times
There has also been a consistent stream of barra reports from most creeks in and around Townsville with all producing good fish so there isn’t any particular system worth a mention this week. Jigging vibe style lures and working lightly weighted soft plastics around the points of the creek mouths should produce a few barra on these tides.
In terms of crabs the reports have been a little hit and miss and once again the better crabbing tide is overnight. So if you can leave them in overnight then your chances of getting a feed will increase considerably.

Bay and Inshore
If you are looking at fishing the bay this weekend early morning before the winds get up will be your best option. I could also pay to have a look at the direction of the winds as this can sometimes allow for some protection around the Island or Main land. There has been some nice grunter caught in the Bay in recent weeks so there is every chance there are still a few around willing to take a fish bait.
Jaden had a ton of fun on a recent fishing trip catching this very nice mangrove jack.
TownsHack26418.jpg (13.55 KiB) Viewed 3721 times
With little or no rain the weirs have slowed but there are plenty of fish in the system so persistence and patience often pays off. Surface lure like fizzers, poppers and stick baits are great options during the twilight hours when the barra are looking at moving closer to the surface to feed.

It looks like the only fishing to be done offshore this weekend will be from the bigger boats however it is worth mentioning there has been good numbers of nannygai in close on the shoals just off the back of Maggie in recent weeks. Also which is even more exciting is the presence of good Spanish mackerel on the Mack Patches with fish around the 10kg mark the average in recent weeks. Great news and let’s hope all that rain last month has started to work its magic and the bait schools grow. The bigger the bait schools the more mackerel, tuna and billfish they attract and the better the fishing for all those that love to chase pelagics.

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