Report 23/5/18

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Report 23/5/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu May 24, 2018 5:02 pm

Current discharge: 365 ML per day.
Water level 23/05/18: 39.6 %
Current inflow: 386 ML per day.
Water level 11/04/18: 40.1%
Water visibility: 3 metres, main basin

Forecast Weather: The weekend is looking fine with temps between 4 & 19 degrees C
Full Moon = May 30th New Moon = June 13th Water Temperature: 16 deg C

Murray Cod: The weather is starting to get that touch of winter about it. Although when the sun is out and the wind is gone the days are fantastic. I tend to like fishing between 10am & 2pm but I live here and can pick and choose. I was away over the weekend however a quick look on social media for any fish pics has found a metre plus fish caught at Burrinjuck Dam by Zac Manning. This time last year the water levels were higher, meaning more water to search, however we had a steady amount of 1 metre plus fish being caught throughout winter. The cooler months is the ideal time to bring out the big swimbait gear and do some casting around the edges and in the shallows. Big surface lures, any of the big Jackal swimbait lures and the myriad of big plastics such as the valley swimmers and even large spinner baits are all worth a go.

Yellow belly: I have managed a few yellows in the past couple of weeks. I have targeted the trees in the deep water dropping the black gulp grubs on a ¼ once jig head down through the timber. The fish I have caught have come on the first few drops of the lure and because of my early success I have opted to stay only to leave with a couple each time. So maybe moving frequently around the timber may give better results. There have been some guys also bait fishing with small yabbies or shrimp having similar results. A couple of fish per tree is the norm however there are still some being caught.

Redfin: Have also quietened down with the odd one only taking a bait or lure.

Park News: The fire upgrade works are continuing. The boys have left for this week and will recommence with a smaller crew next Monday. The major pipes are now all in with works continuing to individual hose reels. Repairs to roads should start before the end of June with hopefully some additional road repairs happening.

The last of the high-risk trees have also been removed this week. The tree works will also wrap up on Friday.
Concrete paving and landscaping is also happening to the top of the cedar cabins, Lumsdens camp kitchen, Cottage 8 & a set of steps are being added from the powered sites up to the office.

Upcoming Events:
Greg Whitehead Fishing Challenge, With dash for cash event. 17th, 18th, 19th August. 2018

Dean Brind
Reflections Holiday Park Burrinjuck Waters
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