Report 8/6/18

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Report 8/6/18

Post by subeditor » Fri Jun 08, 2018 2:21 pm

Hi everyone it looks like the winds will be up around the 15 knots over the weekend but fingers crossed they could drop early next week. Once again the early mornings should be your best chance to get out in the Bay.

Creeks, Rivers & Beaches
Reports of good whiting are starting to come in with plenty of fish willing to take freshly pumped yabbies. If you can’t get your hands on yabbies then peeled prawns can work well as an alternative. Try using a small red bead or a piece of red tube just above your hook as this can often get the whiting fired up. Whiting are also great fun on small poppers and there is none better than the Jackson Ebi Panic Shrimp. This well designed surface lure looks and acts like a fleeing prawn. The trailing hooks also increase the hook up rate it truly is just the perfect popper for chasing whiting. The hot spots at the moment seem to be Cungulla Beach and Alva Beach to the South around the Burdekin. These areas have also been producing some nice flathead so don’t be surprised if you hook a flathead while fishing for whiting as they both tend to hang out in similar areas.
Hamish fished the Ross River recently landing this very nice flathead.
TownsFlat8618.jpg (23.55 KiB) Viewed 3864 times
The creeks are still producing good bream with many of the creeks running into Bowling Green Bay holding heaps of black bream or Pikeys. While in recent weeks the creeks producing some nice 750g to 1 kg yellowfin bream seem to be down around the Burdekin with both Plantation and Phillips Landing the pick of the systems of late. These fish can be a bit picky at times and sometimes it is worth peeling your prawn baits or try using small strips of chicken breast.
Once again there are still plenty of crabs around however you do have to sort through them to find one of legal size with heaps just under.
The barra have been hard to find in recent weeks however they seem to be slowly working their way back into the main arms of the creeks and rivers with some nice fish caught in recent days.
Savanna and Sasha had a tone of fun catching and releasing a heap of bream and grunter on a trip recently.
TownsBream8618.jpg (9.24 KiB) Viewed 3864 times
Bay and Inshore
With the recent small spell in the winds there was plenty of opportunity to hit the bay and the results have been good with heaps of reports of School mackerel AKA “Doggies” being caught. The Shipping Pylons in particular seems to be the place to be in at the moment. Both floating pilchards and casting metal slices seem to be working best. The tides are even better this weekend so there should be even more fish on the chew. If you are floating pilchards it’s always a good idea to lay down a good burley trail to get the fish to come right to the back of your boat. I always try to use no trace but sometimes these mackerel can get fired up and start snipping you off regularly. If this starts to happen try using a very short single strand or titanium trace to reduce the bite offs.

Finally with the better weather there were plenty of opportunities for boats to head offshore. The reports were also quite good with good quality reds on the shoals and around many of the areas between the reefs. Reef fishing was also generally quite good however the fish tended to be a little patchy with plenty of moves required to find good trout. In terms of the pelagics there has been plenty of quality Spanish mackerel reported around the usual spots with the Palm Island area producing the larger fish at present. In terms of Billfish the reports were light on with not a lot to report due to the scarcity of bait balls which were probably a product of the tides. Most of the bait tends to be scattered and holds closer to the bottom on neap tides however early next week the winds look like dropping out again and the tides are much better for chasing pelagics and I would expect to see the action really fire up.
Leeroy had a great day on the water getting into some nice Spanish mackerel with this one topping the list.
TownsMack8618.jpeg (12.65 KiB) Viewed 3864 times

Same as last week with some reports of sooty grunter from the various freshwater reaches to the north and west of Townsville.

What a cracker it has been in the past few days, glorious winter weather, plenty of fish and beautiful calm seas, this is what NQ living is all about.
There are plenty of dive reports from across the board everything from massive Barra on the headlands to Large Mouth Nannygai on the deep holes and everything in between.

For those who stayed inshore, the vis was fantastic and so were the fish. There was nothing but good reports coming off rocks and holes in that 20m or water mark with some superb Nannys and Red Emperor being shot recently.

As you can see, the weather and fish have really turned it on for us all recently, so get yourself sorted and get out there and enjoy it. As always dive safe and Never take more than you need.

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