Report 3/8/18

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Report 3/8/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Aug 03, 2018 9:30 am

It was a little slower on the fishing front through the week with conditions being almost perfect for the blue water fisho,s. Starting with the northern reefs Snapper and Pearl Perch of any quality were hard to find apart from a few just on size fish with one or two Tuskies in the mix. Further north to Scotts Head you need to get through the stacks of Red Rockies and Sergeant Baker to find a good Snapper. The grounds in front of the Jail have fished ok for a selection of reef fish but huge schools of Leather Jackets out wider, all the way up and down the coast are ready to destroy your tackle. If you are heading down to Fish Rock you will certainly be tangling with some nice Kings if you can get through the Rats.

There are Flathead in the river. If you head up through the creek entrances that are flowing out with the tide you will find them. It has been one of those weeks where Blackfish just don’t want to bite. The water is so crystal clear in some places you can watch the fish swim around your bait. A little color would help heaps. There are plenty of Bream about but the absence of the thumpers has been noted. This week the high tides have been small, maybe a little more movement will kick things off again.

For most of the week calm condition on the beaches have slowed the fishing down with Dart and a few Bream coming in out of the surf. Off the ledges there have been a few Tailor and Drummer with fisho’s waiting for a bit of Sea to come in.

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