Report 3/8/18

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Nicole Penfold
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Report 3/8/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Aug 03, 2018 4:06 pm

Estuary: Well it has been another perfect week of winter fishing here in the beautiful Great Lakes! The estuary continues to fish really good for all of the usual species. Bream are about in really good numbers towards the bottom of the system (near the mouth) but very sparse up the back on the weed beds. Flathead have been amazing this winter, I receive reports every day of great little ‘unexpected’ Flatty sessions. I have tried to find a pattern to the when, where and on what of winter Flathead but I am constantly surprised by where, when and how they are caught! I first thought they were mainly up in the tributaries that flow into the main system, and they are, but then I have had two days in a row of hooking into some fantastic fish while fishing for bream down on the break wall!!!! Luderick are still loitering about the bottom of the lake, mainly along the break walls. They seem to be biting best when the water is a little dirty so try to concentrate your efforts about the bottom of the tide.

Beach and Rock: The local beaches have been fishing ok over the past week. No stand out reports really just the usual winter catches of Tailor, Salmon and Bream. Unfortunately, I have received reports of some fairly intense commercial netting of the Tailor schools upon the beach which up until now had been the stand out spot. It’s very disappointing to hear and will probably spell the end of the winter Tailor fishery upon that particular beach. The local rock platforms have been a little tough this week due to the lack of swell. Most winter species rely on a bit of wash to be hitting the rocks in order to trigger their feeding response, unfortunately the sea conditions have been too calm! With a little bit of wind forecast over the next few days things should start to fire again.

Offshore: Once again the weather has been fantastic for fishing offshore this week. The fishing has been a little hit and miss though, the best reef fishing seems to have been on the deeper reefs between 60 and 120m for Snapper, Pearl Perch and the odd Bar Cod. The shallow stuff has been red hot one day and quiet the next, however with this mid-phase moon the inshore grounds should fire this weekend. The really deep grounds have taken a bit of a backward step this week, the few boats that managed to make the trip out wide have found the fishing quite tough with only a few fish being caught.

Have a great weekend!

Luke Austin.

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Re: Report 3/8/18

Post by Spiney » Mon Aug 06, 2018 1:24 pm

Distressing to read in the report Commercial netting of Tailor. I understand this is illegal, Tailor can only be taken as line caught or a bycatch (limit is currently excessive) If anyone had video or still photo of Beach Hauling specifically targeting Tailor please send it to DPI Fisheries. Tailor caught beach hauling is a complete waste of a recourse and fetches pitiful return at the market. Line caught fish treated correctly increase the return 100 fold.

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Re: Report 3/8/18

Post by ecca » Tue Aug 07, 2018 7:31 am

Sorry re last posting continued below

Spinney 100% agree, fishing off which I believe to be the specific beach over weekend we did not get a touch. What really annoys us that being travelled from Sydney with friend and father with which we do regularly to have a throw for 3 days having to fork out for accommodation food etc, just leaves a bad taste in mouth to read what had taken place, assuming bycatches also from netting beach what chance does one have. So much for tourism at Forster if this continues we will think twice about staying at same place next time if this continues.

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