Report 12/10/18

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Report 12/10/18

Post by subeditor » Fri Oct 12, 2018 2:23 pm

It looks like the winds should be light early mornings around 10 knots with inshore seas breezes a little stronger in the afternoons. So if you are heading offshore get out early and you should have a nice trip.

Creeks, Rivers & Beaches
There has been plenty of big queenies along the beaches and around the river mouths lately with fish over the metre mark quite common in recent weeks. Live gar or small mullets make great baits for these fish. In terms of lures surface lures work best with poppers and stick baits about the 120mm the ideal size when these fish are feeding on gar. The creeks and rivers are starting warm up with water temperature on the rise the Barra are starting to play the game with good catches on both live baits and lures. Mangrove jack and finger-mark have also graced the decks of many a boat working soft vibes around submerged ledges and rock bars.
Emma had heaps of fun over the school holidays catching and releasing fish like this one.
TownsTrev121018.jpg (14.7 KiB) Viewed 3611 times
Leslie managed to land this nice Barra on his new gear from Tackle World Townsville on Ingham Road.
TownsBarra121018_2.jpg (14.42 KiB) Viewed 3611 times
Isaac has never fished before and on his first he caught this nice Barra while fishing the mouth of Morrissey’s it took a live mullet.
TownsBarra121018_1.jpg (9.28 KiB) Viewed 3611 times
It might be worth mentioning that the Barra in the weir are also starting feed a little more regularly of late with twilight hours fishing best in recent weeks, don’t forget you need a SIPs permit if you intend to fish any of the Weirs in the Ross River.
Peter Faust Dam is also worth a mention as the reports are quite interesting with a lot of fish in the basin at the moment which is quite early as it often indicates rain. I guess we will see maybe the fish are better long term weather forecasters than we are.

Offshore & Bay
From all reports the grunter catches have been good in both Cleveland and Bowling Green Bay with fish up to 70cm willing to take squid and strip baits. The key to catching these biggest fish is to use a bait runner reel as they can be a little flighty at times and any pressure on the line will spook them. Offshore the Spanish mackerel seem to be a little hit and miss with reports of fish schooled up tightly to the bottom around the shoals of late. Jigging metals and trolling deep diving lures seem to be the most successful methods in these areas at the moment.

The big tides last week were either a blessing or a stumbling block – depending on what the target species was and where individuals were diving; obviously the closure for fin fish greatly limited the prospects for Spearo’s.
Sometimes the bigger tides can bring with it decent clean water into our favourite inshore spots, but with the Northerly blowing it wasn’t the case for a large part of last week.
There were a few reports of a bunch of spearo’s getting out on Thursday and come home with a decent mixed bag including Barra and Fingermark.
The Bluewater acting is really heating up with some of the more experienced crews venturing far and wide in pursuit of Dogtooth, Bill Fish and other pelagic’s. With the North Queensland Bluewater Invitational just around the corner and the beginning of our Bluewater season, now is a great time to go over your gear and get you big gun ‘sorted’.

If you are heading out over the weekend - all the best, take care and never take more than you need.

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