Report 19/10/18

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Report 19/10/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Oct 19, 2018 3:44 pm

It’s starting to feel bassy outside...and yesterday arvo and into the night was really the first sign of bass weather with some mugginess in the air and thunderstorms lingering, and with the rain we’ve had over the past couple of weeks the creeks are filling and have some good flow in them so it’s all looking good for the season ahead. At the moment there are plenty of small to medium sized fish heading up the creeks and it shouldn’t be too long before we see some bigger girls make their presence known with some of those mind blowing surface strikes only a big bass can make. I think some more rain is needed in the Shoalhaven River catchment for it to really fire and fish to migrate upstream, which we may get over the next few days. These smaller fish being caught at the moment aren’t too fussy on lure choice so I would be having some fun with surface lures. Come in-store and check out our BASS wall we have plenty to choose from with some new styles and colours.

In St Georges Basin there are plenty of flatties scooting around the shallows so there is an option there if you are a shore based angler to get out and flick a few lures around the vast sand flats that border most of this estuary. Slimline hard body lures such as the Daiwa Double Clutch in the new 90mm size and the Rapala Shadow Rap are two must have’s in the tackle box when wading the flats. The Double clutch will dive deeper than the shadow rap really digging in and puffing up sand on the bottom attracting anything within a cooee whilst the Shadow Rap will give you the more subtle approach of a wounded baitfish swimming closer to the surface, making it almost impossible to resist when swam over a hungry fish. Soft plastics are another option giving you a different action that is sometimes needed. Try the new Squidgy Bio range, made out of super stretchy material these will give you long jeopardy out of your plastic and they have some proven fish catching colours!
In Jervis Bay squid are prevalent throughout. On the overcast days we’ve had, the darker jigs with red under tape are producing good numbers whilst on the bright sunny days the natural green is still out fishing most other jigs.

In the Shoalhaven River downstream of the Nowra Bridge right through to The Canal there are plenty of flatties to be caught on either bait or lures. There have been a few better quality fish around the entrance to Broughten Creek on the run out tide with a little dirty water coming down from Berry. The deeper holes in the creek are also holing fish around the 50-60cm mark and some big bream on the top of the tide are cruising the snags looking for a feed.

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A typical early season creek bass caught by Jai, this little fella smashed his Jackson T-Pivot off the surface. There not big fish but the location and skinny water fishing make it a whole lot of fun!

The new Berkley Powerbait Pulse worm doing the job on this Shoalhaven river flatty caught by Corey off the bank yesterday arvo, Also blooding his new Atomic Arrowz rod.
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