Report 26/10/18

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Report 26/10/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Oct 26, 2018 9:00 am

Sadly we lost one of our legend rock fishermen last week; he was a true gentleman, RIP Lindsey Powick.

Well finally we have some settling conditions on the water. Landlocked fisho’s ventured out for some mixed results. The close reefs off Grassy and Scotts were only producing a few Mowies and other assorted reef fish but out wider they found Snapper and a few Perch past the 60 meter mark. The Flathead grounds off the Lighthouse were productive through the week. The hot spot has been Fish Rock with some good King Fish up to 15 kilo reported last week. I did here a whisper of one or two Dollies around the FAD.

In the river along the Breakwall on the incoming tide, the clean water line has been working for some really nice Bream feeding on that mark. Up river between Kinchela and Smithtown Whiting are starting to make an appearance while there has also been a few Flathead in that dirty water. On the run out tides after the rain there were a few Jewfish caught towards the mouth along with some big Flathead off the North Wall.

Rock hoppers struggled through the week with reports of Bream in front of the Jail and some small Kings and the odd Jew down from the Lighthouse. No Tailor reported but it has been a cracker season on the GreenBacks.

On the beaches there were Whiting in numbers but a good size unit is hard to find. Smoky is producing some nice Bream in the gutters and down at the Hat Head end of the beach one fish’o hooked two Jews mid week fishing the dark hours.

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