Report 6/12/18

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Report 6/12/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Dec 14, 2018 4:23 pm

Across the board we saw some great fishing, numbers were up but the size of the fish were down. But it's only early in the season and will only improve.

Lake Nillahcootie:
55.26% down 1.13% this week.
Nillahcootie has been producing some great trolling since opening. Predominantly yellas and undersized cod but a few 60's and 1 in the 90's were caught on he weekend from anglers I have talked to. Lures have been varied from angler but lures around the 70mm mark seem to be the most popular option and greens, golds and purples going well. A few anglers had some good success trolling spinnerbaits in the shallower water. Casters have gone ok early in the day using spinnerbaits and surface. Bait angling off the bank has been ok with good numbers of yellas still being caught. Small yabbies have been very successful as has frozen shrimp. Bait angling amongst the trees has slowed a little and anglers have had more success anchoring around points.

Lake eildon:
57.92% down 0.48% this week.
Fishing has been pretty good across the board. The yellas have been a bit quieter than usual but still don't think they have come on yet. A few trout have been getting caught still while trolling for yellas and Redfin. Trolling spinnerbaits and hardbodies around 90-120mm has been the go for cod. Purple, white, green/orange and red all good colours. There is an abundance of baitfish at the moment and the Redfin are smashing them. This is making them hard to catch with how much moving they are doing. A few more weeks we should see the Redfin settle down and the cricket scores should all show up.

94.55% down 3.03% this week
Mulwala fished well as to be expected for opening. All methods worked well talking to the locals to head over. White, silver and green lures across spinnerbaits, chatterbaits and hardbodies worked well. Water clarity was a little dirty but it didn't effect the fishing. Most anglers I talked to fished up the top end of the lake in the shallows casting lures. Early some anglers trolling spinnerbaits along the edge of the river bed caught a few active fish. Bait fishing was ok with yabbies, chicken and grubs all getting the job done around buds long.

Up in the ovens I had some great reports from anglers booking great numbers of fish but only a few getting to legal size and over. If you catching 20+ cod in a day you can't complain about much.

Warm with a bit of wind for the next few day but we have a new moon which is a lot of anglers favorite time of the month!

Benalla Bait & Tackle
191 Bridge St
Benalla, Victoria
Ph: (03) 5762 3704

Top left: Deano opened his cod account with this nice one on the cast.
Top middle: Ryan is at it again landing this cod caught flicking a spinnerbaits.
Top right: This cod was caught on a size 2 stump jumper down the river.
Middle right: Another small river cod taking a liking to a native spinnerbait.
Bottom right: The Redfin are still very flighty at eildon but do come through in big schools. As soon as they come they are gone but should start to settle in a fortnight or so.
Big photo: Richy Bull landed this 105cm fridge at eildon on Saturday flicking a red and black spinnerbait! Welcome to the meter club rich and well deserved.

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