Report 4/1/19

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Nicole Penfold
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Report 4/1/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jan 04, 2019 5:48 pm

To all our readers may you have a wonderful fishing year and be healthy and safe.

The year is off to a good start plenty of whiting all over the bay from the close banks at the small boat channel to the rous mostly in the shallower water to the south and amity banks on the legal side as well ,plenty of whiting getting caught at the go slow yellow in front of the
big sand hill as well.

The school mackerel are just no leaving the bay anymore so trolling with boards and spoons will get you a fish especially with the smaller tides around the hope banks ,around the north side of peel and also on the eastern side of peel at the moment towards dunwich, plenty caught as well on the green opposite the lazaret gutter at peel, lee side of the banks seems to be where they are holding in most areas.

The squire and sweet lip are also in good numbers around peel island and green island and the deeper water around st Helena id=s producing nice fish mud island has also been producing nice fish, hole in the wall had some nice fish last week especially with the outgoing tide.

Still waiting for the spotties to come into the bay i did hear of some in the northern bay last week but after going for a look for a couple of days i did not see any ,but i did not go to far north,looking at the last few ears reports they were in this time last year and with the water temp and the amount of bait in the bay it wont be long if they are not already in,a friend scooped up a nice feed of whitebait at the sand hills last Thursday night ,again same time as last year.

so enjoy the fishing and hopefully we will be getting a few spotties as this report is on line.

on a serious note be careful with the kids this time of year as the stone fish float around the bay and just look like some weed.


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Re: Report 4/1/19

Post by sperok » Thu Jan 10, 2019 7:11 pm

not a bad few days ,school mackerel very quiet, only a couple of small ones in the basin at peel but huge whiting on the banks towards the oyster leases. There are some nice snapper at green but a reader sent me a photo of just the head after sharks took the whole body, sad to see a beautiful fish go to waste. i have never seen or had a shark take a fish at green which is a little concerning. There's still no sign of spotties,waiting waiting maybe after these south easters... let's hope.

The snapper head caught by Stew.

Morwong caught by Peter Wright and his good friend Terry at the Rinbow Channel on fresh caught tiger squid.

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Re: Report 4/1/19

Post by sperok » Tue Jan 15, 2019 4:31 pm

Nice day out on the bay the whiting were in big numbers in the small boat channel half way towards the floating yellow on the drop of to the banks and the tiger squid were very hungry chasing the whiting being pulled into the boat and big buggers,so they are in, all we want know is the bloody spotties to pull there finger out and come in there is plenty of bait in the bay,schoolies were hard to find today managed two 6 inch ones {babies} on the southern side of hope banks and picked a 60cm one between green and king island on way home.


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