Report 1/2/19

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Report 1/2/19

Post by subeditor » Fri Feb 01, 2019 3:28 pm

Out wide, we've been getting northerlies for around 6 weeks, and today is the first first southerly since then, so fingers crossed this trend continues.
In 60-80 fathoms, marlin have been taken in small sizes. Stripes and blacks in the 80kg range have made up the majority of the catch.
In closer around the FAD and Wave Recorder, good dollies have been taken by those willing to make their way out.
At the lump, good kings have been caught by those jigging for about 3 weeks now.
Closer again, into 40-50m, really good numbers of pearliers have been reported, and seem to be loving this colder water. With them have been some solid snapper.Goatfish and tuskies are also potential by-catch when fishing in this area.
Closer still, in the 10-15m zone, the odd snapper is still being taken due to the colder water, but this will get harder as the water warms up more.
Mackerel have unfortunately been few and far between, however the spearos have been doing okay, although most reports are coming from deeper areas behind the islands.

Along the beaches, plenty of good bream, whiting and the odd jew are being taken. Jew particularly have been loving the unsettled conditions and dirty water. Mixed in with them are flatties and dart.)
On the headlands, most headland areas are fishing well, with jew in the gutters, and typical bread and butter species showing up as well. This colder water has also been bringing the kingfish into casting rage from the rocks.

In the rivers, the mouth is firing for flathead, as this is their breeding time. In the same areas you can expect to find jew poking around.
Apart from that, this time of year is mostly about whiting, and surface lures, small hardbodies and soft plastics have been accounting for their fair share.
In the brackish zone, numbers of jacks have been reported. Jacks are always here, however now with more people fishing the area for them, we get more reports.
Another big big drawcard has been the giant herring in the brackish zones, with this area being one of the best in the north coast to tangle with one of these mysterious speedsters.

The freshwater scene has been dismal. The water is hot, there's no flow, and everything is dangerously low. the dam on the system has been having an effect on the waterway, and if we don't get a good bit of rain soon, fish will end up dying.

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