Report 29/1/19

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Report 29/1/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Feb 01, 2019 3:52 pm

Estuary: Wallis Lake is a much quieter waterway now that school has returned for 2019. Now is the perfect time to hit the estuary, the fishing is great and the boat (and Jet ski) traffic is low. Flathead can be a little difficult to find initially, but once you hit a few fish you will often find a good school of them in a fairly concentrated area. We have been finding good numbers of fish in and around ‘the Paddock’, up near Twin Islands and the ‘Duck Pond’ as well as up near Tony’s Point. Lure choice doesn’t seem to be too much of a big deal at the moment, the fish are feeding on all sorts of things at this time of year so they will eat just about any shape and size. We have been getting a lot of fish on 4” Keitech Easy Shiners, 70mm Samaki Vibelicious and the new Chasebaits ‘Ripsnorter’ vibe. If you prefer to bait fish, drifting a likely looking drop off with Whitebait or Mullet strips should be fairly productive on the last of the run out tide. Sand Whiting have been much more active this week. Most sand flats are holding decent numbers of these little guys and they’re hitting surface lures, worms and Yabbies with gusto. Their smaller relative, the Trumpeter Whiting have been very numerous this season, however this week has seen a bit of a drop in their numbers. They should hang about for another couple of weeks in much smaller numbers before they disappear once again until much later in the year. Bream are very active throughout the system at the moment, particularly the smaller (15-25cm) models. It’s a great time of the year to have a play up on the weed beds with surface or shallow diving lures, most casts will stir up a few fish and every now and then you will stumble across a nice kilo plus fish which is a great test when using light gear!

Beach and Rock: While the weather has not really been that great for beach fishing this week, there have been plenty of anglers hitting the sand to try their luck. Interestingly, there seems to be a fairly good run of Tailor along most beaches at the moment. 9 Mile Beach in particular is holding some really nice ‘choppers’ not too far from the 4wd Beach Access track for those willing to get up early. As well as Tailor, the more popular beaches are also fishing well for Bream and the odd Whiting. Whiting should only get better and better now as long as the water temperature continues to slowly rise (which it should do). The local stones have once again been very quiet over the past week. Anticipation amongst the land-based game anglers is high though as bait numbers are high and growing, and we also have some very nice warm water not too far away. Fingers and toes are all crossed for a great season this year, all we need is a bit of good water and the fish will be on!

Offshore: We have had limited opportunities to head offshore this week once again due to the weather. While it hasn’t been comfortable fishing out there, the fishing itself has been very good. Pearl Perch have been the standout species this week by far. Normally ‘Pearlies’ are an addition to a catch of Snapper, however this week some bags have had just as many Pearl Perch as they have Snapper! Interestingly, the good old 5 Mile Reef area has been particularly good for them as well as Snapper and the odd Teraglin. The pelagic scene remains fairly quiet but we have had a marked increase in water temperature this week and there is a bit of southerly forecast for Friday so fingers crossed the FAD and Black Marlin will fire up over the next week or two!

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