Report 21/2/19

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Report 21/2/19

Post by subeditor » Thu Feb 21, 2019 2:42 pm

Hi everyone after such a devastating event our hearts goes out to all those affected and praise to everyone digging in to help out their fellow North Queenslanders.

Freshwater, Creeks, Rivers & Beaches
If there is anything positive to come out of this it will be the long term effect such an event has on the fishing. Over the next couple of years the fishing will be great with all the creeks and rivers getting a good clean out. The injection of nutrients into the whole system will produce plenty of food for bait fish and in turn their numbers should grow fast and where there is bait there will be plenty of predatory fish in hot pursue. It seems to have started already with good reports of Barra and jacks in the creeks and plenty of great catches of reef fish in recent days.
It is also worth throwing in a few crab pots with the fresh chasing most crabs out of their holes. With good reports from those crabbing the flats in the bay and the deeper stretches of the smaller creeks.
With all the creeks and rivers pumping so much freshwater there is a lot of Barra moving along the beaches and out around the rocky headlands and of Cape Cleveland and Maggie Island.
Local Chef Luke caught this nice barra while flicking a few lures.
TownsBarra21219_2.jpg (27.8 KiB) Viewed 3759 times
Matty caught and released this barra while fishing off the Cleveland Palms Jetty.
TownsBarra21219_1.jpg (18.23 KiB) Viewed 3759 times
Offshore & Bay
With the calm conditions over the next couple of weeks there should be plenty of opportunity to head offshore, just keep an eye out for floating trees. It is best to restrict your travel to daylight hours at the moment. Running into some of the monster trees floating offshore at the moment would bring a trip to an abrupt end.
If you come across any weed mats or floating logs over the next few weeks it will be well worth taking a closer look as these surface structures often attract heaps of fish and in particular are great places to catch triple tail. Soft plastics and lures cast around these surface objects can result in a day to remember.
Reports from those that have recently fished offshore have been positive with many reporting very good catches of coral trout and both red emperor and large mouth nannygai.
Off Townsville the flood plum spilling out of all the major rivers seems to have pushed about 15mile offshore with a distinct transition line between salt and fresh quite visible. This line is also a great place to troll a few lures with a lot of bait tending work along this line.
Craig headed out on his maiden barra trip for the year and wasn’t disappointed catching this quality jack and nice barra.
TownsMixed21219.jpeg (35.24 KiB) Viewed 3759 times
A spectacular week of weather is a welcome relief after seemingly endless weekly forecasts of less than desirable boating conditions.
It was great to get out mid-week and check out a few of the local reefs and bommies off Townsville, and as expected it was teeming with life. Good numbers of Coral Trout and Red Throat Emperor were in abundance.
Other vessels that got out and about reported much of the same with quality table fish being taken across the board.
Water visibility was generally reported to be between 10-20meters depending on where you dived. With Keepers Reef reporting the best catches and conditions.
This weekend is shaping up to be a beauty, but with the big tides Spearo’s will have to give a bit of consideration on where they dive and at what stage of the tide to ensure success. Water Temps are up there as well with it being over 30 degrees for the most part, this is easily mitigated with the use of a dive Rashy to ensure comfort and protection for the entire day.
As always, if you are out and about, dive safe and never take more than you need.
Cheers all

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