Report 21/3/19

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Report 21/3/19

Post by subeditor » Thu Mar 21, 2019 4:10 pm

Hi everyone it looks like Cyclone “Trevor” will move away from the Queensland coast into the Gulf and towards the Northern Territory taking most of the rain and winds with it.

Freshwater, Creeks, Rivers & Beaches
The little bit of rain around over the last few days has stirred up the prawns and crabs with some nice prawns around the mouth of the Ross River at the moment. The crabs on the other hand have been on the move also with the systems running into Bowling Green Bay probably producing the higher catch rates. With the larger tides you will just have to make sure you work the flats or put your pots in areas of back water where the current is not as strong.
There is also good reports of barra though out Ross River in both the freshwater and saltwater reaches – just remember if you are fishing the freshwater sections of the Ross you must have a SIPs Permit.
With the larger tides at the moment and calm conditions should see the larger predatory fish move closer in shore in search of bait fish. Pallarenda and Ross Bay are good places to start as there has been some nice queenfish and trevally working these areas lately. The Northern Beaches should also fish quite well on these tides with the best time on the making tides.
Meg had a great day out fishing the Ross River catching this very nice Barra.
TownsBarra21319.jpg (6.86 KiB) Viewed 3593 times
Offshore & Bay
The fishing around Townsville has been good lately and this weekend should be no different with some nice fingermark being caught in recent days around the back of Maggie and Cape Cleveland. There has also been plenty of squid in these areas which make great baits for fingermark or even better just cleaned, cooked and eaten I personally love a good feed of fresh calamari.
Green squid lights are a great way to attract the squid to your boat at night however with the full moon on us it can often make it more difficult however if it stays a little overcast the moon doesn’t play as big a part. Throughout the daylight hours fingermark will take all sorts of lures from metal jigs to soft vibes and soft plastics in general. They can also be caught trolling lures with bright colours on overcast days and lures with plenty of flash on the brighter days as a general rule.
Offshore the reef fishing has been improving as the tidal flow increases with both Coral trout and red throat catches starting to play the game. It is just a matter of trying to find areas with just the right amount of tidal run. The shoals have also been producing good red emperor and nannygai with the peak bit times around the changes in the tide just before the current pickup too much and you need a kilo of lead to keep you on the bottom.
Belinda had a ball on a recent trip to Maggie Shoals landing this impressive large-mouth Nannygai.
TownsNanny21319.jpeg (25.3 KiB) Viewed 3593 times
The continuation of decent weather has allowed the majority of boats and Spearo’s to get out and about this week gone. A good number of divers stayed closer to shore targeting the abundance Barramundi and Fingermark that are currently in the bay.
With visibility around the cape ‘dive able’ it was a bit slow going for the most part. Those that ventured north and put in the time in Halifax bay were rewarded with good vis and a plenty of fish. Of note is the seemingly abundance of crayfish in and around rocky headlands at present. A small cheap cray gun is a good option for the boat when heading that way to prevent to loss and damage of longer more expensive shafts when shooting these critters in tight spaces.
Lekxy was very surprised to see this mouth-watering Painted Cray attached to the end of her line while fishing the Casino Breakwater.
As always, if you are out and about, dive safe and never take more than you need.
Cheers all

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