Report 28/3/19

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Report 28/3/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Apr 05, 2019 10:02 am

Another MARLIN comp was run and won WELL DONE Luke and Sandy Gorecki fishing on YA MUM for taking out champion team! While we are touching on the marlin side another couple congratulations are in order. First off the boys fishing on BURNIN MONEY Lindsay, Ben and Dean for capturing , tagging and releasing their first striped MARLIN while fishing their first comp. WELL DONE BOYS! Also massive congrats to Mr. And Mrs Fejszes for getting the monkey off their back and capturing their first MARLIN and a beast black to do it with.

The last week has seen a bite of good sized reds to 3kg with reports of a few bigger models wining their freedom and making it home to the reef, jigging and the ever faithful GULP soft plastic has been the winning combo. Now that the full moon is behind us we should get a bite period heading into the new moon. Towing either SQUID or YAKKAS around some of the well known areas in the bay with either a downrigger or what we call a poor man’s downrigger. When getting the bait the old saying the early bird gets the worm defiantly applies. JB FAD has been firing with a customer reporting DOLLIES to 1.3m. YAKKAS OR PENCIL SMILEYS have been the go to bait.

On the stones has been a little hit and miss still with fish showing up one day then gone for the next 6. Myself and the shacko boys ventured a little further north ( Kiama) for a few fun hours casting lures at the pelagic’s that come with the warm currents of summer and autumn. MACTUNA, BONITO, FRIGATE MACKEREL and a couple small KINGS who won their freedom. This time of year you really can be one cast away from spinning up that trophy NORTHERN BLUEFIN TUNA so all them hours and days of donuts can turn around in a flash you just gota keep casting.

Has been fishing okay but with all the jelly’s making the upper parts home your best bet would probably be fishing the bottom half from the canal’s down to Muscle Island. I’d say fishing the first of the run in would be my bet. Consider a good burly trail with lightly weighted peeled Shoalhaven prawn’s as bait BREAM, FLATHEAD and BLACKFISH are all on the cards while fishing this method.
The basin is still ticking over nicely with plenty of FLATHEAD in that 36cm to 50cm willing to a eat soft plastic or fresh bait. The humble old basin SNAPPER has been very hungry and very angry lately and somewhat of a day saver when the BREAM have lock jaw.

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