Report 5/4/19

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Report 5/4/19

Post by subeditor » Fri Apr 05, 2019 3:09 pm

We have come off what one would consider a good old fashioned wet season in the tropics. Each month over the summer at some point dumped some substantial rain on our tropical region. As the seasons change they say a good ‘wet’ translates into good fishing ahead for the coming year. In saying this we have had some of the best fishing inshore and offshore this past few months and the month ahead should even get better.

The outer and coastal reef fishing has been exceptional this summer and those in the know believe it has been to do with the water temperature. Not necessarily the surface temperature but the really cool waters deeper down. Our tropical reef species thrive on less temperature and thus the reason for a really consistent bite. All manners of species have been busy nattering away including coral and bar cheek trout, large and small mouth nannygai, red and spangled emperor, sweetlip, cobia, Spanish mackerel and the many types of trevally we encounter up here. The trevally have included golden, tea-leaf, bludger, gold spot, giant and the stunning diamond variety. To be honest it has been the best summer fishing we’ve seen in a long time with exceptional numbers of quality sized fish. The beauty looking ahead water temperatures will continue to fall as the cooler days kick in and the fishing could even go to a new level. I’ve always found in particular the nannygai species really kick into gear during May and even if their strike rate increases marginally from their current status it could be an absolute bumper month on these species.

On the pelagic side of things the Spanish mackerel have already shown they around in numbers already and will steadily grow in presence as the days go by. Spotted and doggie mackerel should also start turning up especially on the inshore reefs. Last the year the small black marlin season started ticking over during May on the wide grounds and all signs indicate another early start considering the water temperature and the good supply of bait along the coast from the wet season rains.

Inshore in our calm water fisheries there’s been a healthy supply of bait from the ‘wet’ in our estuaries, rivers and along the beaches and headlands. Sardines, mullet, garfish, mud herring and great sized prawns have been readily available for those willing to put in the effort. These tasty morsels have accounted for the bigger sized fish which have been kicking around including barra, mangrove jack, blue salmon, tarpon, fingermark, grunter, trevally, barracuda and queenfish. The best fishing has occurred outside of the heavy rains when the water clarity has been better. Incoming and the first stages of the outgoing tide have equally been good times to target our coastal species. With a healthy supply of food around the fishing should remain very positive including the barra for at least another month. The traditional overnight cold snap which normally occurs in May is when the barra will taper off. The rest however will continue to bite whilst the food stocks are plentiful.

In a nutshell the reef fishing will go through the roof this month and the pelagic species will grow in statue.
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