Report 24/5/19

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Report 24/5/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri May 24, 2019 4:17 pm

Out wide, dollies are still in good numbers around the FAD and wave recorder. Wahoo catches are dwindling.

You may have heard about the blokes yesterday who were injured by a black marlin, which jumped into their rubber dingy. One of the anglers got a broken arm and deep lacerations, and the other angler got speared through his shoulder. There aren't many marlin around at the moment, so this was particularly unlucky.

Most of the islands are fishing really well for kingfish, with the biggest weighing in at 22kg. That's the biggest kingy I've heard of in a very long time around here. There are a few snapper also being caught in the wash around the islands.

Around the 50m mark is where most guys been fishing for snapper lately, looking for that colder water down deep. We've also been getting a really good run of trag, with some tuskies and pearlies mixed in.

In closer around 20-40m is where the warmer water is at the moment, so that's where guys are hunting for mackerel. Most of the water is around 22 degrees the moment, but if you find a patch of 23-24 degree water you have a good change of finding the mackerel.

Into around the 20m mark there's the odd snapper, but mackerel are snipping off baits and plastics, frustrating a lot of anglers. There are still some longtails getting around, eating the running garfish, but catches are starting to slow up. A lot of mac tuna and bonito are getting caught.

The beaches have been fishing really well for bream, which are coming into their winter spawning season, and this should continue to pick up. There are still some good mulloway being caught along the beaches due to the mullet run, which has been a little late. There's still the odd whiting which is unusual; it's probably due to the warm water hanging around. There are also tailor and a few lizards.

Around the headlands we're seeing really good numbers of kingies, and there are also tailor and jew, both school-size jew and the odd decent size specimen. Blackfish are being caught in good numbers, and there's also the odd drummer and groper getting caught. And of course there are the bread and butter species like dart, bream and the odd whiting and flathead.

The river mouths are fishing really well for tailor. We've had a good run in the last 2-3 weeks, with some decent size fish amongst them. There are also some good kingies to be caught, particularly on the top of the tide. The odd school jew can be found chasing the mullet around, so it's a case of find the bait, find the fish. There are also whiting and flathead, and good numbers of bream. If you're looking for a feed of bream, now is a good time to target them around the river mouths and beaches. They're sea run bream with nice white flesh.

In the brackish water there are good numbers of trevally. You can get good results on 60-90mm hardbodies, and I have found that a fast, erratic action is effective -– use sharp jerks of your rod tip and keep the pace up. Plastics do account for fish, but lately I've been doing best on Rapala X-Rap XR 6s and XR 8s in the 'S' colour (a mullet imitation) and ayu. There are also good bream there, and I've been getting them on hardbodies like Ecogear Long Cast 40s, and on prawn imitations such as the 65mm Squidgy Wriggler Prawn in cracked pepper. If you happen to catch a bass, please get it back in the water as quickly as possible so it can spawn.

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