Report 7/6/19

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Report 7/6/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jun 07, 2019 4:30 pm

There haven't been any decent reports from out wide because of the swell. Hopefully things will improve over the long weekend.

A couple of the guys who managed to get out to the islands did pretty well on the kings. Due to the strong current and swell, most blokes have been vertical jigging rather than slow jigging. There are a few amberjacks and samsonfish mixed in.

In a bit closer around the 30-40m mark, there are still good catches of pearl perch and snapper, along with the odd tusky. As the temperatures start to drop we'll notice a lot of the snapper move closer. Tuna have been in good numbers, with plenty of bonito, little mac tuna and the odd longtail.

Most of the headlands have been fishing pretty well for drummer and groper when conditions have allowed. Bream and dart are also featuring in catches, and there's also a mass plague of small trevally annoying anglers spinning for tailor.

The tailor have been fierce over the last week and a half, probably stirred up by the swell. We're seeing pretty consistent catches of good fish up to around 4kg, and now is a great time to chase them. With the way the swell has been, most have been caught on metals, but as the swell drops we'll see more bait fishers taking advantage.

With the mullet run in full swing, jewfish are a popular target. Most jewies are between 90-120cm, averaging around 6-10kg. There are a few larger specimens getting about, with MO team member Sam Taylor getting a 21kg jew last week.

The beaches have been a no-go lately, but the rivers have been fishing well. With the big mullet in close there are big jew along the walls. I've heard of a couple a bit north of here in excess of 25kg. One caught last week further up the coast was 28.5kg!

We're seeing bigger flathead up at the mouth chasing mullet, so big presentations are key. You can use big livebaits such as mullet or herring, or soft plastics over 5".

In the river mouths there are some good size sea-run bream. Presentation is important if you want to fool a wily older fish. If you fish light (around 6-8lb leader) and send down a lightly weighted bait you should come up trumps. Fresh baits are best if you can get them, such as nippers, live worms or pipis. If you can't get those baits, all is not lost, because the bream are congregated in big numbers and will rush to beat their friends to the bait. The humble pilly or squid should do fine in this competitive scenario.

Up in brackish reaches the trevally are in good numbers.

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