Report 14/6/19

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Report 14/6/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jun 14, 2019 12:29 pm

Estuary: We have once again been blessed with amazing winter weather and awesome fishing here in the Great Lakes over the past week. The days have been mainly sunny and warm with fairly light winds. The estuary is absolutely alive with fish at the moment, it seems that no matter where you fish you will run into something worth catching. Up the back of the Lake there are lots of nice Flathead being caught on both hard bodies and soft plastics. There still seems to be the odd nice Bream up there too which is a little unusual for this time of year as most of the better Bream should be down toward the ocean spawning. In between the Flathead and Bream, you can expect to have a few ‘bite-offs’ due to the packs of marauding Tailor that have made their way up into the system, these fish are very healthy and of a good size (nearly all of them are over 40cm and up to 80cm). The first quarter of the estuary is an amazing place at this time of the year. There are huge schools of Bream cruising about the Oyster leases, bridge pylons and rock walls and fishermen are having an absolute ball catching them. Most are chasing them on baits of Mullet, Chicken, Whitebait and Pilchards. While catching Bream along the rock walls you can also expect to see a fair few Snapper (there was one caught this week that went 9kg!), Trevally, leatherjacket, Moses Perch, Tailor, Kingfish and possibly even a Mulloway. Luderick have now well and truly invaded the Lake and there are thousands of nice big bronze fish lined up along both breakwalls, weed is still very hard to come by but the fish are taking Cabbage and artificial weed no problems at all.

Beach and Rock: The local beaches are fishing really good. 7 Mile Beach to the south is fishing great for Tailor, Salmon and Bream. The Northern end of the beach, Janie’s Corner, has finally started to fish well, particularly early in the morning or late into the evening. One Mile and 9 Mile Beaches are fishing good for Bream and the odd tailor but they’re nowhere near as consistent as the beaches to the south. The rocks have been a little hit and miss this week due to the very calm conditions. While there was a little swell lingering from last week’s rough weather there was some great Bream, Drummer and Luderick fishing to be had. There are a few anglers still spinning from the rocks looking for a late Tuna, Cobia or Kingfish and while there have been no reports of any really spectacular catches this week, most have been rewarded with some nice Tailor and Bonito.

Offshore: Offshore has been very consistent this week. For most anglers Snapper are the main target and this week they have been very easy to find. Any reef system sitting in 30-70m has been worth a shot with most boats finding more than enough for a feed along with quite a few nice 5+kg fish. Along with the ‘Reds’ there have also been some very nice Trag and Pearl Perch (particularly on the deeper reefs in 50-80m). The shallow reefs have been a bit of let down this week, hopefully after the upcoming full moon a few more fish might move in. A few boats have ventured wide since last weeks’ rough weather and the reports have been very good. While there is a little current still out there, if you can figure out how to fish it there are some very nice Bar Cod, Pearl Perch, Nannygai and Longfin Seaperch to be caught. The water out there is still holding at 22 degrees so it’s well worth looking for a Tuna or Marlin while you’re out there!

Have a great weekend!
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