Report 14/6/19

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Report 14/6/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jun 14, 2019 12:40 pm

What a difference a week makes, terrific calm conditions and with just hint of warm water still with us good catch results were the order of the day. Starting off the wider grounds from around 100 meter mark out to almost 300 meters Bar Cod and Big Eye were lifted off the bottom with some quality fish amongst them. Coming in closer Nannygai are in good numbers off Grassy and Scotts with some very nice Snapper, Pearl Perch, assorted bottom dwellers and the odd Sampson Fish. Look for the Fish Traps and you will find a few Dolphin Fish still in the warm water. Kingfish are around Fish Rock and on the wider grounds of the Wreck.

Here’s some good news Jewfish have been more active in the river with some good catches off the North and South Breakwalls, Kemps Corner and around Rainbow with good Schoolies in the deeper holes. Plenty of Bream are along the walls and around the Jetties and Oyster Racks while the Blackfish numbers are still on the increase in the river and creeks. Flathead are about but you will need to hunt them out as they start to get a little less active in the winter months.

Tailor, Blackfish, Drummer and Kings have been the mainstay off the Rocks with some good fish amongst them. Off the beaches Smoky is giving up some nice Tailor and Bream on a rising tide and the odd Whiting has been in the surf. Main Beach has a few Bream late afternoon but should be better this week with better tides.

I wish the Local Council could have seen the Back Creek this week when at low tide you would have battled to get a kayak up to the boat ramp.

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