Report 15/6/19

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Report 15/6/19

Post by subeditor » Fri Jun 14, 2019 2:16 pm

Starting out wide, anglers have been seeing seeing tuna, both small yellowfin and longtail, and mixed in with them is the odd stripey and bonito.
Coming in closer to the 40-50m mark, working vertical jig has turned up kings, and with them has been some amberjacks.
In closer again to around the 30-20m mark, good snapper are showing up in better numbers as the water cools down. Anglers fishing this area can also expect a few tuskies and pearl perch as well.
The push of cold water will start to see the mackerel disappear, however there will be a few around snipping anglers off.

Along the beaches, the fishing has been productive for jew, and mixed in along the gutters are bream, flathead and whiting.
With the mullet run in full swing, rocks and beaches everywhere will be turning up good jew, and so too will the mouths of rivers when the swell is up.
Headlands should be producing some kings, drummer and groper, for those after a challenge.

The mouth of the river is fishing well for jew and big bream, of which the latter is still currently spawning.
Flathead are sill hanging out in the upper reaches. There are some in the lower reaches, but most are up high in the system trying to get warm.
The odd jew can be found up the top of the system with the water salinity going crazy without any rain around.
The odd GT can also be found up high, and giant herring are also available for those after a bit of sport.

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