Report 21/6/19

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Report 21/6/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jun 21, 2019 3:59 pm

Out wide has been producing some good kings in around 50-60m of water, along with some samsonfish and amberjack. A lot are coming on vertical jigs such as Nomad Streakers and Samaki Ribcages. The water is clear so natural pilchard and slimy mackerel colours are best.

Coming in towards most of the islands you can do well on kingfish, and there are also tailor and snapper in most of the washes around the islands.

Around that 30-40m mark we've been hearing of some great patches of tuna. Most are mac tuna and bonito, with the odd longtail showing up.

Snapper have started to move from the 30-40m mark into around 15-20m of water, and a lot of anglers are concentrating on them now that the mackerel have gone. Around the 30m mark there are pearl perch and tuskies mixed in, along with the odd goatfish.

A bit closer towards the headlands and beaches, there's great fishing for tailor, which are there in good numbers and sizes. Throwing metals is a great way to cover water and catch tailor, and it's a good way to get kids involved too. If you're using a strip bait, try to make it look as natural as possible, lining it up carefully along the gang hooks. To avoid tailor stripping the bait off the hook, you can use Bait Buddy elasticized thread to secure it to the hook.

Jewies are another welcome catch on the beaches. The mullet run is still going, which means there are a few good jewfish following them.

Another popular target off the beaches at this time of year is bream. The sea-run bream are here for their spawning run, and a great way to spend an afternoon is to throw out a few baits and catch some decent size bream. Good baits include bonito, slimies and pilchards. A lot of guys are pot-holing for them. At this time of year the bream get themselves into crazy locations, such as a 2ft drop-off at your feet backing into a gutter or spit, so don't be afraid to fish in the shallows.

There's still the odd flathead getting around but they'll be harder to find as the water gets colder. That's when the big trevally come in; we're getting a solid run of 2-2.5kg fish at the moment.

The headlands have been fishing really well if you can keep away from the swell. There are still good kings and jew around -- just be careful out there.

There are also good reports of groper, silver drummer and black drummer. Silver drummer aren't great on the plate, but black drummer are good table fish.

There are good numbers of bonito and striped tuna off the headlands, including some really solid bonito around up to the 3kg mark. You can catch bonnies on little 10-15g metals, but be sure to change the hooks so you can drag the fish up the rocks without worrying about breaking the trebles. Something like a Gamakatsu 1/0 or 2/0 single is good. Change up the retrieve to find what works on the day.

Most of the river mouths have been fishing well for jew. Fishing at night with livebait or strip baits of bonito is the most common approach. [Suggested reading: beach tactics for mulloway, fishing at night] There's also a really good run of bream, with specimens up to 2kg.

The upper estuaries are fishing well. There are lots of trevally, some good size bream and the odd flathead on the shallow banks trying to get that sun. There's no point focusing on deep holes for flathead at this time of year, as the lizards are seeking out warmth. If you're in an area at low tide, check for lies and come back later.

On the Coffs Coast we're lucky enough to have the last run of river trout, and this time of year is usually really good for chasing them. You can catch them on small minnows, little soft plastics or the humble scrub worm. When it comes to flies, most of the Clousers are working well, something with a little bit of weight fished on a sinking line.

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