Report 28/6/19

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Report 28/6/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jun 28, 2019 4:13 pm

All the tuna –- macs, yellow, albacore, blues and bonito -- have shown up keen for a feed. They're in depths around 60-30m, and there are some good numbers and great reports this week. The pros have been landing some cracking albacore to 17kg and yellows to 80kg, bonito in the 1-3kg range. There's also the odd blue still kicking around with a few reports of fish up to 24kg. The mac tuna are ranging from 3-8kg. Live baits have been the focus on landing big fish, and trolling lures is a second option for most. With the bait so thick you should take advantage of them. Find working birds or large bait balls and the tuna shouldn't be too far off.

Anglers are jigging up kingfish, amberjack and samsonfish in 50-80m of water. Some fish have been in access of 15kg, and most have been landed using vertical jigs and slow jigs. If you find the fish and can't get them interested in a jig, try dropping a livie to the bottom and you should come up trumps.

There are snapper in close around 10-30m, and we have had a few in 80+ with BIG pearl perch and some nice tuskies. There's the odd pearlie in shallows, with 4.5kg the best I heard of this week) with a lot big fellas coming from 100m+. Some large snapper have been caught with Shaun Cameron from MOTackle landing a 97cm snapper on film for some upcoming footage for the website.

There are kings, the odd snapper and some big tailor all lurking in the wash at the moment. Small plastics, stickbaits and small profile hardbodies have been doing the damage on the kings and tailor. Lightly weighted baits and soft plastics for snapper been working a treat. Always be safe around the wash, as you never know when that rogue wave will come. Always have your motor going and someone close to the wheel just in case. Be safe out there.

There are lots of good tailor and the odd king to stretch your arms, with plenty of groper and drummer starting to take baits. Blackfish and bream are in good numbers if you're chasing bread and butters.

Jew have been in good numbers, with some great fish coming off live baits fished at the change of the tide. Lures have also been accounting for a few nice fish up to 20kg, with a lot of fish between 80-95cm.

The rivers have been fishing well for bream, and this is the big draw card for most. Lightly weighted crab and prawn profiles have been working really well.

Blackfish are in great numbers and are really starting to fire up. Most are caught on cabbage and green weed, with the odd one caught on nippers. Trevally are always a fun option for winter fishing in the rivers, and these dirty fighting fish are always looking for cover. Tight drags with small hardbodies and stickbaits worked with some decent speed will have these fellas climbing all over your offering. These fish aren't always big but they're always fun.

It's closed season for trout and bass so there's not much to report in the fresh. If you do catch a bass at this time of year please put them back as soon as possible to give them a fighting chance to breed.

Until next time

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