Report 5/7/19

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Report 5/7/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jul 05, 2019 2:56 pm

So the rains are here and fingers crossed it sticks around enough to give the systems a good flush out. It's been hard of a late to find the fish as they have been well spread out through the system.

Not a lot to report this week as the rain set in and so did the swell, but just before the swell jacked up there were some good pearl perch, tuskies and snapper coming from out wide. Soft flesh baits and jigs have been picking up a few good fish.

The local resident hoodlums were out and about testing our knot tying skills, with some fish on the larger side. 15kg+ models at this time of year are not as uncommon as you might think. Live baits been doing really well, and a few got taken on jigs early on in the week.

The snapper have moved into most of our closer reefs. The majority of fish have been taken in 15-30m. Soft plastics, jigs and dead baits have been working well. The odd pearl perch in close has been landed for a couple of lucky anglers at the start of the week. Tuskfish are always on the cards at this time of year, and dropping baits for these fish is how most people tend to fish for them. Pillies and squid have been working well on these beautiful species. As good as they are for the table, please only take what you need.

If this rain sticks around and we get a good flush, next week will be a good week to hit the water. As the fresh pushes to the mouth so does the bait, and the predatory fish will be lying in wait for a easy feed. Bream, jewfish, flathead and the odd whiting will be on the cards. There have been some good reports from the start of the week with some great numbers of bream around. Jewfish will be taking advantage of the rain, and now that we have some colour change in the rivers we should have a cracker week chasing these silver ghosts. Slow worked hardbody lures will work well, with lives being another nice option when chasing them in the dirty water.

There's not a lot to report as the swell has been too big for anglers to hit most beaches this week. As it backs off we should have the tailor on most beaches, with the jew not too far behind them. Bream and dart will be active, and small soft baits fished on a light sinker should come up with the goods.

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Once again, there's not a lot to do when the swell is up, but finding a corner away from the swell can always be a option. Just be aware of the swell and your surroundings because things can go bad really quick out there, so stick to your comfort zones. Jewfish, kingfish, tailor, groper, bream and drummer will all be cruising around most headlands.

Until next week be safe out there.

Kane Fairchild

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