Report 4/7/19

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Report 4/7/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jul 05, 2019 3:16 pm

Fishing is that good at the moment you would think it was the middle of the summer and not winter.

With the latest reports coming in this week there are very large schools of salmon tailor and kingfish along with some bonito patrolling from the spit bridge up to the old ammunition dump at Bantry bay around the marker buoys.

Some anglers have been casting garfish and having a lot of luck with a mix of kingfish and very large tailor being hooked up on nearly every cast wile others are using squid and live yellowtail either dropped down with a light sinker or trolled on a downrigger unit and fish up to and above the one metre mark have been taken.

For the tailor and bonito a medium spin outfit and a handful of metals should get a strike or two.

As this area is well sheltered you can fish it in any conditions and is very close to the boat ramps.

There are plenty of squid on offer for feed or fresh bait in and around the spit bridge under the lights and around the boat moorings.

The big news this week is that there have been several reports of some very big yellow fin tuna being taken as can be seen on the cover picture of a beautiful fish taken by Max Domanski on a recent trip out with a few friends that landed fish from 40kg to 70kg in what looks like perfect conditions out from Sydney.

A good mix of skirts and deep diving lures being trolled in the right area could see a fish or two being hooked.

With large blue fin tuna working their way up the coast there are a lot of boats out every day looking for the first fish to turn up and that can be any day over the next week or two so when the weather permits it is a great time to get out and have a go.

There is still a good mix of fish being taken on or beaches.

Bream whiting and flathead are usually taken in the morning on a rising tide while in the evening there is bream salmon and of course sharks being taken on most of our beaches when the sun goes down.

As always stay safe and enjoy the fishing.

Paul O Hagan

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