Report 12/7/19

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Report 12/7/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jul 12, 2019 3:39 pm

The wind and swell have been up this week so it's been hard to get out. Most of the guys have been sticking close but there are still a few kingfish, amberjack and samsonfish out towards the lighthouse. Before the swell got ridiculous there were a lot of reports of 8-10kg kingfish with the odd 15kg model.

Most of the islands have been fishing really well. A lot of guys are fishing just outside the wash zone, in around the 30m of water. There have been some great snapper, with some pearlies and tuskies mixed in. A lot of those fish are coming in off the shelf out wide and it's hard to pinpoint where they'll be. 15-30m of water is where most people are concentrating on, and the action has been fairly consistent. The water is around 20°C in close. Finding the bait is key to finding the fish, so keep a sharp eye on your sounder.

Around the headlands there's good fishing for drummer and groper, and anglers have also been getting some good kingfish and tailor. Mixed in are bream, dart and whiting.

The beaches been pretty blown out, but those guys who have been finding a headland tucked away from the swell have been finding a few jewfish. There are also tailor around, and I've even heard of the odd salmon getting caught over the last week, which is rare here.

With those big swells the snapper are a drawcard in close. When the cunje and weed start breaking up off the rocks, the snapper come in close to take advantage of the bait.

Most of the headlands, beaches and river mouths are pretty consistent for bream at the moment.

The rivers have been fishing well. We're having some really good runs of bream, ranging from shallow flats down into the deep, and you shouldn't be afraid to fish the deeper pockets. Flathead been sunning themselves on shallow banks, so head up to the shallow reaches and look for those telltale flathead lies.

Jewfish are also in the river, and we can expect a good run of small 60-90cm jew quite consistently. Fishing larger drop-offs and sheltered areas where you can find a bit of area which has a back eddy or where the flow isn't quite so consistent, that's where the jew will be hanging out.

The upper reaches are fishing really well for trevally. There are great numbers this year, not all massive fish but always fun.

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