Report 11/7/19

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Report 11/7/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jul 12, 2019 4:05 pm

The reports coming in this week have been better than usual for this time of the year with large schools of king fish and very big yellow fin tuna being taken around the Sydney area.

Not only king fish are being taken in the harbour but all along our reefs seem to be holding good numbers of very large fish.

While a lot of anglers are sticking to the traditional method of using live squid or yellowtail there are others that are picking up fish on metal jigs, soft plastics and strips of frozen squid depending on how hungry the fish are at the time.

For any session trying to pick up some of these fish most anglers will try and cover all bases and as well as the live bait they will take a range of casting and trolling lures to give themselves the best chance of picking up a fish or two.

With the yellow fin tuna trolling a mix of skirts and diving lures have been very successful for some anglers as they can cover a very large area in a session and for others finding some good water and laying down a trail of chopped up pilchards has resulted in fish being taken.

With good numbers of yellow fin being taken out wide it is well worth a day out fishing around the shelf and beyond and with a bit of luck you could be the first one to pick up a blue fin as they are very close and the cold current is in our favour at the moment.

From the rocks and headlands there are still some good snapper on offer and with luderick drummer and groper available it is a good time to set out floating bait in a good berley trail when the conditions are safe

Fishing from the beaches is hard at times but for those that are willing to put the time and effort in there are some good bream and whiting being taken from curl curl to Narrabeen along with some nice tailor in the late evening.

Inside Narrabeen lake there are some very large flathead being taken deep into the lake using hard bodied diving lures and up near the caravan park a float and some weed could get you a feed of luderick.

Paul O Hagan

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