Report 20/6/19

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Report 20/6/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jul 12, 2019 4:17 pm

Lakes are all on the rise but at a fairly slow rate, besides lake William hovell which is currently at 100.24% and rose 31.57% this week! Still need a bit more rain to kick it into gear.

-Peter Carter with a 64cm Eildon cod caught on a 40mm Redfin lure.
- blondie with a nice Mulwala cod caught casting.
- Blondie again with a cracker cod caught casting a rapala shadow rap at eildon.
- Shane caught this 75cm cod at eildon on the troll

Lake Eildon:
37.27% up 0.82% this week.
Eildon has been improving every week. More cod and trout are showing up in better numbers. Most trout anglers have been targeting the clearer water of goughs bay and around the wall area. Tassie colours have been sporadic but as usual it’s a pink or white variant. A couple have also been caught on silver and orange colours. Flatline and 2-3 colours of leadcore the best application. A few trout have also been caught on Bullet lures in roach, Paceys perch and pearl widow. A few have also been caught on 50mm, 30ft ac invaders and 8m+ poltergeists while targeting yellas and Redfin. Redfin fishing has been slower than usual and has been very Bait orientated. Work your worm or shrimp slowly on the bottom for best results. Most cod I have told have been caught on hardbodies trolling. Fluro colours and purple have been the better colours.

Mulwala( 95.95%) is a little dirty at the moment but fishing is still good. Just throw big presentations and hopefully you pull that 3 digit fish!

Hovell(100.24%) is full and bank fishing normally goes very well when it happens. Can’t go past a worm at this time.

Nillahcootie (25.87%) is fishing very slow with the occasional yella being caught on worms off the bank.

Hume (20.96%) is on the rise finally and a few bigger browns are showing up, this will only improve as it continues to rise.

Waranga is filthy and still has blue green algae so best give it a miss for a bit.

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