Report 8/8/19

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Report 8/8/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Aug 09, 2019 3:20 pm

Kings are still firing in the harbour and while some anglers are trolling live baits on downriggers there have been a lot of our anglers going out on kayaks around Seaforth area and having some excellent results while just drifting or dropping Garfish with a small skirt on the nose and are picking up some very good keepers and being blown away with some very big fish.

Sometimes a change of tactics is all that is needed to get some good results as the Kingfish can change their feeding habits from one minute to the next.

Suggested reading: Different ways to catch kingfish

Fishing from the land at little Manly point there have been a lot of Tailor taken using pilchards rigged on gang hooks and set under a float and for others casting metal lures has been very successful way to pick up a feed of fresh fish.

Mulloway is a well sought after fish and for to pick one up in the harbour it is something special as our cover picture shows Mark with a beautiful fish taken using a vibe while out on a recent trip.

Mark is one of those anglers that will try a lot of different methods to pick up a feed and in this case his persistence has paid dividends with this great capture.

Dee Why is holding some good whiting at the moment along with Manly and these fish are being taken on fresh and frozen worms on the run in tide.

From the rocks it is Tailor and Trevally that are being taken with the occasional King fish while using strip baits and pilchards and for those anglers using weed and bread there are a lot of good Luderick around and some very big Drummer.

Boat fishing around Long reef has been very good with large numbers of Snapper around the fifty to seventy centimetre mark being taken while drifting baits and soft plastics but beware the Mako sharks are on the prowl looking for an easy meal.

Fishing out at the twelve mile reef is very inconsistent with fish in big numbers one day and taking jigs and live baits and on other days they are not interested or just not there.

North and South of browns there have been reports of Yellow fin being taken and for one very surprised angler all five rods bent over and after a bit of a struggle and a few dropped fish it was Mahi Mahi that had hit his lures.

Paul O Hagan

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