Report 6/9/19

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Report 6/9/19

Post by subeditor » Fri Sep 06, 2019 3:29 pm

Out wide has been fishing well around the 90m for those chasing bar cod and blue eye. Mixed in with them has been snapper and pearlies.
Coming in closer to about the 40m mark is where most people are fishing because it's nice and warm. Water temps didn't drop below 19 degrees this year, which is weird, so most have been catching their snapper in the deeper water.
Tuskies and pearies make for some great by-catch when searching for snapper too.
Kingfish and amberjacks are going great guns behind the lighthouse, with areas like the shoals and canyons both both producing kingies around 90-100cm.
The islands and washes are giving up tailor and kingfish, with some of the kings smashing up lighter gear.
In a bit closer, it is very warm, with many people people struggling to catch a feed. First thing in morning is definitely the best way to go.
In this area, it's possible to have some fun with bonnies and mac tuna, in around that close 20-30m mark. This is a good option if the snapper aren't playing.

The beaches are fishing well, but with a big swell coming this may make it hard.Soaking baits should get you some tailor,and while the bream are slowly going off the bite, the whiting are really coming on.

The rivers are going well for flathead, and the shallow areas seem to be the key, with anglers using big swimbaits and plastics claiming some big fish.
With bass season back on, many people will be chasing our bronzed battlers, however many bass are in poor condition, because they can't get upstream because of a lack of rain.
Bream have been plentiful, and the next few weeks should see them slow down, but there's still some good numbers in the deeper sections.
Whiting are a big drawcard, with topwater lures, nipper and other fresh baits the best choices.
Jewfish in rivers are still a possibility, and at this time they get into brackish reaches, with most fish in the 50-80cm range.
Blackfish are starting to come off the chew, but those who persist with cabbage flies are still nailing the odd bag.

Stay safe out there

Kane Fairchild

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