Report 13/9/19

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Report 13/9/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Sep 13, 2019 4:38 pm

Out wide between 80-90m has been pretty consistent for bar cod and blueye trevalla. There's a fair bit of current, and most guys are dropping down with 1kg weights. There's the odd snapper, tuskfish and pearly out there as well, but not many.

Around the lighthouse and most of the islands there's good kingy fishing. AJs and samsons have been in the deeper sections around 60-70m with kingfish around the Patch and out towards the canyons. Bonito and mac tuna are being caught in 20-60m of water. There's only the odd longtail showing up, but next month there should be more of them.

The 40m depth is yielding consistent catches of snapper, with the odd pearly and tusky mixed in. In closer it's been tough going for guys in kayaks and tinnies, with only the odd snapper caught. If you want to catch snapper, you don't want to go any shallower than 20-30m.

Off the beaches the whiting are starting to really pick up, and small nippers and worms are the go-to baits. There have been some good bream and the odd flathead getting caught around potholes. If you want to catch a jewie, fish the turn of the tide to give yourself the best chance of success. Tailor are still around but they're hit and miss. Some days there are plenty, and on other days you're lucky to get a couple. Their numbers will continue to dwindle.

The rocks have been fishing really well for drummer and groper, but we'll slowly start to see them come off the chew as the water gets warmer. Heavy berleying will draw them from the deeper reefs into into the shallows. I recommend bringing 5-8 loaves of bread.

The kingfish are quite consistent, they're only 50-70cm but they're in good numbers. Jewfish also been on the cards on the turn of the tides first thing in the morning and late in the afternoon.

The rivers been really consistent with flathead in the shallows. We will start to see them going into the deeper sections in the coming weeks, and they'll be very widespread, from the mouth to the brackish reaches. Fingers crossed the rain comes soon because the rivers are struggling a bit.

Guys prefishing for ABT comps are reporting good catches of bream up in the shallows and under the racks.

Whiting are also on the cards now. With the warmer days and water temps rising with the northerlies coming through we'll start to see more whiting on the chew. Little stickbaits and poppers work well at times, but when the whiting are finicky the odd worm or pumped yabby goes a treat.

Jewfish have been hit and miss, probably due to the gin clear water, which doesn't give the fish any cover to hunt from. Even the bottom of the tide is pretty much crystal clear.

As warmer days start to kick in we'll start to see small cod and mangrove jack starting to fire up.

Up in the brackish water there are bass are being caught; with the water so low they can't go further upstream. Most brackish reaches are also fishing well for a range of trevally species.

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