Report 3 Aug 07

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Report 3 Aug 07

Post by Brad » Fri Aug 03, 2007 7:28 am

The beaches around Cungulla (mouth of the Haughton) are still producing some good whiting and flathead.

The have been some very good mangrove jack around recently with reports from the Bohle, Crocy and Morressy creeks with fish caught on every thing from slab baits to lures. The slight increase and temperature and the full moon probably played a big part in the recent catches of these fish. There have also been plenty of good quality bream around in most of the creeks and rivers.

The have been quite a few reports of good Spanish mackerel on the Mackerel patches recently. Cape Cleveland and Cape Upstart have been producing the occasional monster mackerel trolling wolf herring and the 12 mile of Alva Beach has also been producing some good sessions on Spanish mackerel, however reports suggest they are not as thick around the 12 mile as they have been in previous years. The Palm Islands have also been producing some very nice Spanish mackerel. There have been a few reports of school mackerel however most of the better reports seem to be coming from Halifax Bay. With the reefs and shoals in Halifax proving to be the most consistent areas week in week out.

Last weekend saw a few Sailfish tagged around the mackerel patches wide of the Cape. However there have been no reports of black marlin yet. Reports from the reef varied over the weekend however one of the most consistent reports has been the quality of the Coral Trout with some very large specimens caught. There have also been some reports of good sessions on Red Throat Emperor. Some very good news is the recent reports of some grunter to 65cm being caught in Cleveland Bay over the weekend, grunter are one of the great species of this area. They are great fighters and even better eating. These fish tend to peak around October so from now right through spring, summer and even into Autumn we hopefully will continue to see good grunter (also known as Javelin fish) catches.

If the weather allows try fishing the reefs and shoals in Halifax Bay for school mackerel, floating pilchards or trolling smallish lures or spoons. If you can locate some bait schools try through a few metal slices.

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