Weekly Report 21 Dec 07

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Weekly Report 21 Dec 07

Post by Brad » Fri Dec 21, 2007 11:06 am

The winds this week end are light south easterlies(10-15 knots) on Friday changing to north/ north easterlies (10-15 knots) and increasing to 20 in the afternoons. Tides are favourable as it is nearing the full moon so there should be some good catches over the next few days.
Fraser Island Fishing report courtesy of Sailfish Apartments, HappyValley: Ph (07) 41279494
The fishing over at Fraser has improved over thelast week with most of the weed that was reported last week dispersing. Look for the clear areas and fish the gutters where it is reported that thewhiting, bream, and dart are all feeding on worms and pippies.

Hervey Bay
The mackerel are still on the chew up the island with fisherman reporting acres of the light tackle sporting fish feeding between Arch Cliffs and Wathumba. Most of these fish are being taken on metal jigs cast through he schools. There are also pockets of mack tuna and long tail tuna up the top of the island. These can also be caught on metal jigs retrieved fairly fast through the schools. Fly fisherman have hooked up to some 50 pounders but it is very difficult to land these big fish on light tackle. On the reefs there have been reports of some squire still around on the Arti, as well as some quality cod on the shallow reefs. There are also sweetlip around the bottom end of Woody. There have been a lot of squid around in the bay and these have been seen between the outer banks and the channel hole. The best lures for these have been the small Jarvis Walker 2.5gm squid lures. There are some large flathead around the Kingfisher area in the shallows and working your soft plastics or lures through the shallows should produce results. Some of these fish are reported around the metre mark. In the estuary systems there are still reports of the odd threadfin and grunter about. Live prawns have been the best bait, but working your lures and soft plastics are always worth a try. The pier is fishing well for golden trevally,school mackerel and the odd tuna. Live herring is the best bait drifted out on the current or lightly weighted on the bottom. Keep changing your bait for the best results. There has also been some summer whiting caught on live yabbies around the base of the pier and early mornings at Shelly Beach.

Freshwater Report. Lake Lenthalls Report
There are bass being caught around the weed beds on small hard body lures. There have also been reports of barrabeing caught on fly tackle; the tackle used has been floating lines with fairly long leaders and pink thing flies twitched behind the weed beds andsnags just below the surface. Keep a look out for likely structure that will hold fish. One angler reported boating two and losing two in a three hour session during the week.

LakeMonduran Report
The dam is fishing very well at the moment with good catches reported all over the dam. With the full moon approaching and Christmas holidays there is likely to be a few anglers working many areas ofthe dam. The barra classics and classic pros have been working very well, with some big fish caught on these lures over the last week. There have also been some good catches on B52s worked in the shallows. The main bays have also fished well at night. Some anglers report that they are using 80lb braid and leaders and still not being able to get the fish out. If you are planning a trip over the next few days you should get fish.

Lake Awoonga Report
This lake system has also been fishing well overthe last week with fish caught working Squidgys around the weed beds and lures trolled in the main basin or worked behind weeds. Temperatures are up and with the full moon next week the dam should fire.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast .
Hi all, with great weather and good tides the bay has been fishing well, especially the top of Fraser. Bait balls full of cobia, yellowtail kings, school and spotty mackerel, as well as golden and giant trevally have been common and few clients are going home without landing trophy fish. Sharks are also into the bait but are leaving hooked fish alone, they are obviously transfixed onto the bait, taking large mouthfuls from the surface right next to the boat. This time of the year will see the rivers fish well also and grunter, jacks and flathead easy lure targets but remember the annual barramundi closure is on, anglers (recreational and commercial) must not fish for barra in tidal waters as this is there breeding season and fisheries will enforce this law and can prosecute
for even fishing for them. Be warned! Mud crabs and banana prawn have active and some nice catches have been made on the bigger tides. This weekend will also see the release of 12 thousand barra fingerlings into Lenthals dam and by next Christmas they will average about 55-60cm in length and top out at about 4kg in weight. Lenthals dam is now open to four stroke outboards to 60hp and e-tec injected motors to 60hp as well, the maximum speed limit will be enforced at 6 knots. Till next week, tight lines.
If you would like to book a trip with Bargy just give him a ring on 0427 230 261 or visit www.fraserguidedfishing.com.au

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