Weekly Report 30 Oct 08

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Weekly Report 30 Oct 08

Post by Brad » Thu Oct 30, 2008 4:21 pm

Barra are off the menu from midday on Saturday 1 Nov. Not that that's major issue in CQ, because there aren't too many legal sized fish left in the water anyway. Of the 118 barra tagged and released during last weekend's 10th Rocky Barra Bounty, only 12 were of legal size. That is a damning indictment of the level of netting in this river. This cannot possibly be sustainable or fair. At least the first reef closure ends over the weekend.

There have been very scattered reports of Doggie mackerel during the closure, but Spotties are conspicuous by their absence. I fluked one Spottie around Conical Rocks just over legal size and I think I saw a school feeding later in the day, but they aren't here in any numbers yet that's for sure. There are plenty of bait schools in Keppel Bay and the tuna are into them. You'd have to think that the macks will turn up any time. The estuaries aren't firing too well, but you can still get the odd flathead and a few bream in Corio Bay and Coorooman Creek. The beaches have been very quiet and even around 5 Rocks the water has been very dirty. I did hear of a few decent grunter coming off the wrecks and gravel beds up north, so that at least is one bright spot.
Good luck, you will probably need it.

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