Weekly Report 8 Mar 09

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Weekly Report 8 Mar 09

Post by Brad » Sun Mar 08, 2009 9:25 am

Some nice mornings over the last week have allowed anglers to get out onto the water to scratch their piscatorial itch. The fishing has been fairly good for most with decent reports coming in from all corners of the bay. I ventured out on Friday to Mud to try and get a snapper for dinner but the going was tough. Managed to catch a mixed bag of sweetlip, squire, grinners, puffer fish and a large green toadfish whilst fishing with my mate Vince. It was very quiet and the usually productive spots failed to produce for us. The weather was much worse than the prediction and for a while we were doubting if we were even going to go all the way to Mud as the pre-dawn southerly was making it an uncomfortable and wet trip in my 4.65m center console. Around 9am conditions started to improve somewhat so we decided to head towards the Four Beacons to try and see if we could save the day by prying a few school mackerel or other species from around the beacons. On the way we spotted some birds and watched for a while until a good school of longtails broke the surface under them. The action just increased from there and we had no trouble getting five hookups, which resulted in two longtails around 9kg each on our 6kg monofilament line. Whilst we were fighting our fish, the longtails continued to bust up around us for the next few hours, which was around half way through the falling tide. Often blind casting after the main school went down produced hookups. Again the Maria 25g slug with olive back produced for us. We had to head in early as my mate needed to go to a meeting but the longtails worked for several hours after we left. Another boat managed to hook 9 for the session but unfortunately did not get any to the boat. Thin slices of longtail seared on a grill (not fully cooked), dipped in sweet chilli, hoi sin, honey-soy or teriyaki sauce and then rolled up in rice paper or a lettuce leaf, along with some sushi rice and avocado, is a meal fit for a king.

Dropped my mate back at the ramp in time and then headed back out into the river for a few casts at my favorite spots. Managed one small threadfin of 83cm fork-length and an undersized estuary cod for about an hour of effort in the middle of the day around low tide. Scarborough Reef has produced some quality bream over recent weeks with specimens to 1.6kg being caught on a variety of artificials and also fresh baits. Other species such as snapper, parrot, sweetlip, cod and even flathead have been caught along the eastern edge of the reef and the various individual outcrops a little closer to shore. Anglers fishing from the Woody Point Jetty tell me that there has been some decent fish caught since the jetty was officially reopened almost two weeks ago. Apart from the usual array of bream, flathead, cod and whiting, there has also been some legal snapper, tailor and a golden trevally caught from this prominent land-based location. The land-based shark fishermen like this channel and some pretty scary specimens have been caught from the jetty over the years. Cast-netting for prawns has also been worth the effort although we are yet to see the best of the prawn run.

A few anglers have managed some decent hauls in the Brisbane River from many of the land-based locations as well as from boats. The numbers of trawlers working the Brisbane River at present indicates that there must be good prawn numbers around. Have had some good reports from many of the canals over the last few weeks since the recent rains. Mangrove jack have been the main target and anglers have caught these on hard-body minnows, blades, lipless crankbaits and of course live baits such as herring prawns and mullet. Estuary cod, bream, trevally, queenfish, tarpon and pike have been bycatch species also tempted with these offerings. The anger from the public over the introduction of the recent green zones by the EPA has been very noticeable when talking to anyone who likes to get out into the bay for a fish. Many anglers have only recently heard about the closures and were not previously aware of any intent to do so by EPA, puppets of Green movement that gave their preferential votes to Labour and enabled them to get into power in the first place. This lack of angler awareness is due to the sneakiness of the EPA who did their best to keep the whole thing under wraps and to make the details sketchy so as to not invoke outrage by Moreton Bay users, whilst they snuck their plans through parliament and into force.

The LNP (Liberal-National Party) have vowed to do a three year scientific inquiry into the sustainability of fishing and the effects of pollution in Moreton Bay, if they gain power during the upcoming election, instead of just closing areas to satisfy political agenda, with no creditable scientific reasoning, as the EPA have done. Whilst this research is taking place, the ban on fishing in Green Zones will be lifted to allow anglers one rod each in use, which is more than fair in my mind. As a result of this sensible approach by the LNP, I have heard via the grape vine that the Labour Party have told the EPA not to issue any fines for green zone breaches before the election, as they do not want to stir the pot and increase anger amongst fishermen and others who use the bay, as this will further decrease their chances of being elected. I believe the Labour Party have bigger problems to worry about considering they have done little positive whilst they have been in power and have not delivered many of their previous election promises. If anglers vote sensibly, then the LNP are sure to gain power in the upcoming election and we can have something positive achieved for our fishery.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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