Weekly Report 28 Jul 11

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Weekly Report 28 Jul 11

Post by Brad » Thu Jul 28, 2011 2:01 pm

For many land based anglers the lakes are a popular area to throw a few lures and soak a couple of baits. The lakes have been productive of late with some nice bream and jacks taking baits and lures. Late afternoon has been the better time and those that are putting in the hours around this time are being rewarded. Prawn is better bait for the bream with live baits such as prawns and herring enticing the jacks. The freshwater weirs are also staring to fire up for barra and reports suggest the late afternoon and into the night is when you should be casting your lures around. Once again staying persistent and casting different styles of lures is a great way to get onto the action and hopefully finding out a pattern in which the fish are feeding, resulting in more productive sessions. Finding a feeding pattern and knowing when the best times to be fishing will save a lot of time and fruitless trips although coming to this conclusion requires a lot of time on the water.

Local anglers bait fishing in Morrissey creek are reporting an increase in the number of grunter with some very good fish making up part of the catch. Using fresh slab baits and decent size prawns is getting the fish in the net and using lighter line has been producing more bites. Grunter are a great species to target as they make good sport on the lighter tackle and not to mention their excellent eating quality. As long as you have a lighter rod and reel set up some bait and a handful of hooks and sinkers you can be into the action. Casting lures is still consistently having anglers loaded up with a few barra in the local creek systems as the snags have been holding healthy numbers of eager lure munching estuary species. Many barra have been between 50 and 70cm which make great sport and legal fish up to 70cm are an ideal eating size. On the crabbing front persistent crabbers with regular pots out using fresh bait is seeing the nicer bucks ending up between two slices of bread. They have thinned out slightly although crab pots set in smaller side creeks are reporting to have better results. Try setting them overnight if you have the chance as this gives them more of an opportunity to find the bait.

The weather hasn’t been too kind to many reef fishermen with stiff 10-20 knot winds seeing many pre organised trips called off. This is a great time to get any busted gear repaired so you are ready for when the next trip comes, hopefully before Christmas. Being prepared will give you the opportunity to go out at the drop of a hat if the weather calms off. Islands like Palm, Orpheus and the surrounding reefs have seen some nice coral trout captured on both bait and lures. For the sport fisherman some big GT’s are cruising around which are very willing to belt any large popper but make sure you gear is up to scratch as they are real tackle testers. Spearfishermen reported a few nice crayfish crawling around making it well worth getting in the water for.

The new moon is upon us on Sunday which will result in large tides. Soaking some fresh slab and prawn bait chasing grunter would be an option. Anchoring up and fishing the run out tide on the deeper side of a sandbar is a good spot to have the lines in. Taking the crab pots should see a few bucks caught as well.

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