Weekly Report 5 Nov 11

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Weekly Report 5 Nov 11

Post by Brad » Fri Nov 04, 2011 2:43 pm

Reports from the nearby freshwater creeks have been flowing in. These areas are regularly fished when the weather is less than ideal for other forms of fishing. Healthy numbers of sooty grunter and jungle perch with the odd mangrove jack were caught. Targeting these fish is quite simple although there is a few key components worth having, one being a light spin rod with 4 to 10lb line, a tackle box loaded with various small minnows, poppers and soft plastics and a good sense of adventure! Walking upstream of almost any freshwater creek will put you in with a chance to catch sooty grunter and jungle perch. Anglers fishing the various bridges in Ross creek on dusk and into the night are encountering some steady action from tarpon, mangrove jacks and some good size trevally. Casting lightly weighted soft plastics and Koolabung blades in and around the lights and bridge pylons is where the majority of fish have been caught. Whilst fishing these areas keep an eye open for bait, as one of the golden rules if there is bait around then the predatory fish are not far behind.

With barramundi now off the cards until midday 1st of February this doesn’t necessarily mean the bait casters are to be packed away. There are many different species on offer in the creeks and rivers and focusing your efforts on these can see you having some successful days on the water. Threadfin salmon, blue salmon, mangrove jacks, fingermark, grunter, flathead, queenfish and trevally are all great fun. Using different lure styles and varying your techniques to target one species is a popular off season occurrence. Fishers saw some good catches of jacks on the weekend with fish 40cm and over becoming the average which is an excellent size for the table. Casting lures accounted for the majority of fish although the humble poddy mullet with a 4/0 wide gape claimed a few victims as well.

Mild weather on the past weekend allowed for some inshore shoal and wreck fishing with Sunday being the pick of the days. The wrecks didn’t turn up their usual good form with smaller trevally seeming to be the normality. Anglers fishing the shoals had a ball with plenty of species jumping into the ring including cobia, mackerel, nannygai, coral trout, giant trevally and some XOS cod stretching arms. Jigging metal jigs around the 70 to 100gram mark is great fun with hard strikes and erratic runs making for enjoyable fishing, a hugely successful jig has to be the Dogtooth Saxon range which doesn’t last long when jigged up from the bottom. Although using baits like fresh slab and squid will see more of the bottom dwelling fish showing up and generally these being better eating fish. Out towards the reef coral trout and red throat emperor were enjoying an esky ride home with some nice red emperor also being caught. A few spearfisherman reported clear water and coral trout becoming the main attraction when spearing in the shallower reef waters.

Good tides this weekend should make for some nice mangrove jack fishing and coastal rivers and creeks are ideal spots to focus your angling. The range of Koolabung Razorback divers are great jack lures with red always a favourite.

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