Weekly Report 9 Nov 12

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Weekly Report 9 Nov 12

Post by Brad » Fri Nov 09, 2012 7:02 pm

With the sun rising nice and early and setting later, this has opened up a bit more fishing time for the keen anglers that go for a fish before and after work. Flicking some lures around local haunts such as the causeway and at the casino break wall has accounted for some really nice mangrove jacks. When fishing these areas persistence really does pay off as they are areas that do get pressured and you many not catch fish every time but if you go enough you will land some great fish. Lures that have worked for these urban jacks have been the ever reliable Koolabung blade in all sizes along with shad style soft plastics such as the DOA CAL models. Rigging your soft plastics on a jig head with a nice strong hook is essential as their strong runs can straighten lighter gage models. To the north of Townsville beaches such as Balgal and Saunders have been consistent in producing catches of flathead, bream and grunter. Simple bait rigs are working fine and this style of fishing is great for the kids to get started on as its simple and you can have a ball catching a variety of smaller species.

With the Barra now off limits focusing your fishing efforts on other species can still see you having great days out on the water. Anglers that have been spending their time in the creeks have come across great catches of grunter when using baits in productive areas. From reports good numbers of these fish are getting landed with most being around a reasonable 45-55cm. The odd larger fish have been getting caught also with some fish nudging into the 70cm which is a really nice grunter from an estuary system. There are many anglers that are now using light spin rods with great success and a species that they have been getting into is the flathead. Casting sinking lures such as blades and soft plastics is fooling a few monster flathead recently and when they are getting into the 80cm size they aren’t a push over. Larger flathead have characteristic head shakes throughout the fight that can easily fray through weak leader so upgrading to a slightly heavier fluoro carbon will reduce your chances of losing any fish due to terminal error. These bigger flathead are best released as it is a well-known fact that the big ones are breeders and will ensure god fishing for years to come.

It seems that the mackerel are going mad out at the reefs with just about every angler heading out there with the intention of catching a Mack coming home with a smile on their face. They have been ravenous with most lines out getting smacked when you are trolling. One of the best mackerel hard bodies on the market is the Halco laser pro 190 and in the bright red and black colour it often out fishes most other colours on the day. It is a good tip to have a few different depths going when you are trolling divers as certain depths will work much better than others. Good catches of tuna are getting caught closer inshore in the bay when the weather allows. A mix of both Mack tuna and northern longtails are showing up and they are both great sport. Having a rod rigged with a small slice or bucktail jig and casting into the surface busting school should see you hooked up. Letting the lure sink for a few seconds then cranking flat out seems to be the better retrieve to get a hook up, this is when a high speed reel is great.

Try picking up a light spin rod and flicking some lures around the many land based haunts in the hope of a nice mangrove jack or a decent flathead. Also weather permitting zipping around the bay chasing a few line burning tune should be great fun.

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