Weekly Report 20 Sep 13

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Weekly Report 20 Sep 13

Post by Brad » Fri Sep 20, 2013 2:46 pm

Top reports are coming from land based anglers with a variety of fish being targeted and successfully caught. One odd capture was a nice sooty grunter landed in the Ross River in the past week! The angler was stoked with the catch but it’s not something you’d intentionally target with this the only one we have heard from in a long time! On another note the saltwater sections of the Ross have been turning up some quality fish with good numbers off Barra getting caught from the bridges such Rooney’s and Victoria Bridge. Anglers using live bait are getting good scores and have come across some nice size fish also with Barra 80cm plus caught. Fishing early morning and at night has been the better times with the less commotion around these urban locations seeming to make the fish bite better. Lure fishers have had success on soft plastics when they have been casting them along the pylon and letting the lure sink then continuing with a slow retrieve. Medium size paddle tail styles along with the Zerek and D.O.A prawns have been the standout plastics.

Reasonable fishing has been coming from the creeks, rivers and to the north of Townsville the Hinchinbrook channel. Anglers are landing fingermark from the deeper sections which are many in the channel and at larger river mouths. Using blade lures and live baits are catching these fish and once you have located an area in which they are holding it is just a matter of casting out your offering and keeping it close to the bottom. The Barra fishing is definitely on the go with both quality and quantity getting caught from anglers targeting them. Trolling diving lures such as RMG scorpions and Barra classics is enticing the bigger Barra when they have been swam over structure throughout deeper sections of rivers such as the Haughton. When trolling for Barra it is important to have a nice strong rod which can handle the swimming action of a deep diving lure whilst also having the power to absorb the strike of a large fish. The crabs have been running as well with the legal limit of four pots per person catching reasonable numbers although there has been a bit of sorting going on with reports of many smaller crabs around as well. Dropping your pots in slightly deeper areas with plenty of mangroves around is a good method to try to avoid the smaller crabs.

We have had some top weather conditions lately and this has seen many fishers heading offshore to the reefs with great success. Fishing in the shallower reef waters has been showing up large numbers of red throat emperor with some good size to them as well. Dropping down fresh squid baits on a dropper rig is by far the most common reef rig and this will work effectively for the majority of reef species with just a few changes in term of hook and sinker size to adjust. If you targeting red emperor and nannygai then upping your hook to an 8/0 – 10/0 will be better to accommodate for the larger bait you are using. The coral trout were also on the chew with some great fish caught and into the deeper water their numbers were on the increase. Coral trout are suckers for a good piece of bait and they are also not shy of hitting a well presented jig with more and more anglers dropping down knife jigs with excellent success. With a simple jigging motion that is consistent you can get the jig working and in the right area it won’t last long.

With the Barra fishing in full swing heading up the creek and fishing for a Barra in the snags should prove rewarding. Using diving hard bodies and casting out a live bait should cover all bases.

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