Weekly Report 24 Apr 14

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Weekly Report 24 Apr 14

Post by Brad » Thu Apr 24, 2014 8:18 pm

The beach fishing has been a hit in recent weeks after all the rain, the freshwater flushed out our surrounding creeks and rivers, and plenty of bait and numerous fish species made their way out onto the flats. There were a few reports of whiting taking poppers, which we believe to be the most exciting technique, most don’t realise how aggressive a whiting can be, small poppers with natural finishes worked erratically will bring about the best reaction there’s also the very good chance a flathead will come up out of the shallows in chase. The lakes around Castletown have also produced plenty of tarpon and small barras which are great fun on light gear, smaller soft plastics with a very light jighead have been the go to for many anglers with success, especially with tarpon at times being a very finicky species.

Over the Easter long weekend many anglers took advantage of the extra days by soaking a few pots out the front of all the creek mouths, with a lot of success, Easter has always been a premium time to chase mud crabs, and they’ll still be moving around now for the long weekend coming up, helped even more by the bigger tides. There were some good reports of barras being caught up the tops of many of the local creeks when fishing the last of the runoff. With plenty of big mullets getting around, casting larger suspending hard bodies will be sure to entice a nice sized barra into striking.

With the bigger tides this weekend coming up, there will be plenty of bait on the move, and this will fire up the mangrove jacks, whether bait fishing or luring the snags on the top and bottom of the tides you should find yourself tussling with a few nice jacks. Also the bigger tides should start cleaning out all the fresh water, which will see other species starting to become prominent again in the estuaries such as king salmon and fingermark.

From all reports the barra have really come on the bite in recent weeks around the Burdekin area with reports from the recent Barra fishing comp seeing plenty of barra weighed in.

Over the past weekend there were still plenty of reef goers even with the weather not being perfect but still wanting to take advantage of the extended trip out. Red throats were the most predominant as they always are directly after a cyclone. There were also a few nice trout mixed in, and for the trollers there was also the odd nice Spanish mackerel being caught on trolled wolf herring.
Unfortunately once again the wether gods are not shining positively on us for the long weekend this weekend so there won’t be many heading back out to the reefs and shoals, keep your fingers crossed for next weekend.

So with the wind up around the 20knots mark for the weekend stick to the creeks, with the bigger tides find those back eddies of current or concentrate your efforts around the top and bottom of the tides. On the very bottom of the tide it may pay to utilise your sounders and look for ledges and deeper holes marking with bait and structure, jigging soft vibes or other soft plastics around.

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